Monday, December 4, 2017

ChiChi & ChaCha Happy Camp

What do you plan to do,
During school holiday?

If you're kids aged 4-8 years old,
Join ChiChi & ChaCha,
For #CCHappyCamp...
For a fun-filled educational day...

Date: 11-15 December 2017
Venue: E2L Sdn Bhd,
            Mercu Mustapha Kamal,
            Damansara Perdana.
Fee: RM80

The first 20 person whom register,
Will have a special price offer...

Kindly register your interest...

For more information,

New Car

I followed mummy,
To car service centre...

I asked mummy:
Are you going to leave your car here?

Mummy said yes...

I was wondering..
How are we going back...

Thinking hard,
I found mummy a solution...

I said:
Here got so many new cars,
You buy one and we drive your new car home....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Betadine to celebrate World Children's Day 2017

Betadine and Stickman,
Aim to break the Malaysia Book of Records,
For the largest group of children in Malaysia,
Performing the correct hand washing steps together.

Which is produced by Mundipharma,
Is the trusted Providone, Iodine brand worldwide,
To prevent and treat infections...

Malaysia has seen a surge of cases,
Of the HFMD,
In the past year,
With a total of over 23,000 cases
Reported between January to August 2016.

Hand washing is recommended step,
By the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
To make sure that they are protected against,
The spread of illnesses...

The event is to promote,
Hand washing habits,
For better hygiene protection...

Record-breaking attempts aside,
The tea behind the Betadine brand,
Plans to educate children,
On the effective way to wash their hands,
Using Betadine Antiseptic Skin Cleaser,
Which contains the active ingredients,
7.5% povidone-iodine,
A scientifically-proven antiseptic that kills bacteria,
Fungi and viruses that cause infections,
And offers additional germ-killing action against viruses..
The antiseptic wash,
Has been clinically-proven,
To kill 99.99% of the leading strains of HFMD,
Such as Coxsackievirus (CA16),
Enterovirus 71 (EV71)
And Influenza.

Dato' Dr Chong Chee Kheong,
And Suresh Pragasam,
With the Mundipharma team and participants...

For more information,
Please visit 
Or Betadine Malaysia Facebook page.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Legoland Ninjago The Ride

Legoland hi-tech attraction,
Lego Ninjago The Ride,
The very first of its kind in Asia...

The new ride enables guest,
To use their hands,
To throw virtual lighning bolts,
Move shockwaves,
Send ice soaring,
And emit fireballs,
With incredible accuracy...

 Lego Ninjago The Ride,
Is a fully immersive 4D dark-ride,
Inspired by highly popular,
Lego line of Ninjago toys and TV series,
Allowing guest,
To become their favourite characters,
To defeat enemies,
From snake tribes,
Ghosts and skeletons,
To the Great Devourer,
Under the guidance of Master Wu.

The unique hand gesture technology,
By Triotech,
Defines the experience,
By letting guest throw,
Virtual projectiles,
With mere hands...

For more information,
Or contact 07-597 8888
And stay connected with Legoland Malaysia Resort's social handles:
To find out more on online promotions

Legoland Amazing Machines

Having a super fun time..
At Lego Academy,
In Legoland Malaysia...
Building Amazing Machines..

It's truly a VIP Expedition..
For me....
As I learn new machine building concept..
In this little workshop...
With VIP treatment,
From my pretty instructor!~

Let me show you..
What I was about to build..

Thanks for the patience,
Of guiding me...
Throughout the machine-building journey..

The fantastic part is,
I get Certificate Of Achievement..
By attending this Lego Mindstorms Program..
In Legoland Malaysia...

What's happening right now:
The Great Lego Race..
World's First Lego Virtual Reality Coaster!
I'm yet to experience it..
But I'd love to experience it soon..
At Legoland Malaysia!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Nivea Care Run

Details for Nivea Care Run:
Date: 29th October
Time: 7am
Venue: Precint 6, Putrajaya
Route: 5km
Registration Fee: RM65

Nivea Care Run Run Kit,
Worth up to RM100...
Consists of:
Nivea Protect & Care Deodorant,
Nivea Goodies worth up to RM65
Nivea Care Run Micro Fibre t-shirt,
Watsons Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Tablets,
Bib and safety pins,
And Finisher medal upon completion..

You may register yourself here...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

tvN Movies launches on Astro

From August 1,
All Astro HD customers,
Who subscribe to the Movie Pack,
Will enjoy tvN Movies on demand,
And linear via Astro GO and Astro TV,
With movies subtitled in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese..

The Battle Ship Island Star Tour,
With Hwang Jung-Min,
So Ji-Sub, Song Joong-Ki,
And Director Ryoo Seung-Wan,
With 100 Korean Blacokbuster titles,
Available on demand,
Via Astro Go and Astro TV...

Key titles that will feature on tvN Movie at launch include:
A Werewolf Boy,
Fabricated City,
The World of Us,
My Annoying Brother...