Thursday, June 14, 2012

My First Hotel Stay

 My very first hotel stay,
@ Majestic Hotel Malacca...
A very classic hotel....
With the superb comfy design...

We're welcomed warmly by the staff,
With very sweet smiles in traditional Kebaya suite...
We're given a glass of water for each of us....
And warm handkerchief to wipe our tiring faces,
After two-hour-plus-journey in the car......

While daddy's parking our car.......
We have our luggage well-taken care of by the hotel bell-boys......
Kor kor and jie jie enjoy eating the colourful biscuit......
Mummy just sit on the sofa and relax,
While the staff did everything for us to check in....

This is more than five-star service for a hotel!!!~
Bravo to all the staffs!~
While everyone sleeping on the huge bed....
I got my very own baby cot.......
Ready in the room waiting for me,
Upon my arrival!~

The bath tub...
Or so-called 'mini swimming pool'~~~~~~~~
Is the top favorite of what my kor kor and jie jie love most in the room.......

Don't worry.....
I don't only have my own baby cot,
I got my very own 'bath tub',
For my little 'swimming' session, too!!!~~~~~~~

While we go out travelling around Malacca......
My kor kor and jie jie will nonstop asking:
Can we go back to hotel NOW???

The one and only time.........
They don't really target of travelling around.......
But only wanted to just stay in the hotel!!!~~~~~~~~
You just can imagine,
How nice this hotel is~~~~~~~~

Hop over to my jie jie's blog.....
If you want to know what else we did,
In Majestic Hotel~~~~~~~


  1. the place looks good. i eye the bottle of old fashion sugar flower biscuit:D

  2. Woww, superb service and place. I wish I could be there too!

  3. The bed looks very comfy and I like the bathroom the most! ;)

  4. we always park our car opposite by the river, then walk to this chinese shop (after the river) for our breakfast. they sell karipap and we all love their kon lou noodles. Wah..din know inside so nice one eh!

  5. missyblurkit, it's more than good, it's Great!!!

    Joanne, go ahead and enjoy yourself there. I'm sure you and sarah will enjoy yourself as much as we did...

    Chloe, we love it, too!

    Mummy to Qiqi, we went that shop you mentioned for breakfast+lunch the day we check out... You're right, the karipap and noodles are so yummy!!

    Yee Ling, yes, it's very nice..

  6. So lucky... I wish and hope for an opportunity someday.....hehehe

  7. Wow!!! The place looks gorgeous! And that tub!

  8. What a gorgeous hotel! Glad you had a fun getaway!

  9. I could definitely stay in this place. I love rooms with great personality. That tub, I could live in it!

  10. Looks a great hotel. That bed looks so inviting and comfortable.