Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hard Rock Classic Tee!~

When my family went...
Hard Rock, Penang to dine...
I wasn't born yet.......

When I saw Shirley's Luxury Haven,
Is giving away Hard Rock Hotel Stays...
I was thinking...
That's it!!!!!!~
Maybe I'll have chance to not only dine,
But also stay there!!!!!
So cool!!!!!!~~~
My mummy tweet and tweet and tweet..
Again and again and again!~~~~~~~
Until the giveaways end............

Just to update...
We didn't win 2D1N stay,
In Hard Rock, Penang.....
We still have a little luck!~
To win Classic Tee Worth RM80!~
From Hard Rock, Penang!!!~~~

The item's received in good condition...
Plus some leaflets that's not in BM, English or Chinese..
Looks Arabians to me..
But I can't understand a single word..
Enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures in the leaflet!~
Makes me feels like want to go Hard Rock for a vacation!!!!!!

Special thanks to Shirley from Luxury Haven,
For organizing the wonderful giveaway!~
So much enjoy,
By just participating!!!

Special thanks to Hard Rock, Penang,
For sending us the wonderful classic tee....
Almost immediately after the giveaway ends!~

I'll wait for my day...
To have a luxury vacation,
@ Hard Rock, Penang,
Like what Shirley experienced.....


  1. Congrats again & thks for all the support! I've actually posted the English version of the brochure on my fan page & tagged u guys there. U can chk that out. Remember to come back for more giveaways :)

  2. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful giveaway.. and most importantly, I was chosen as one of the winner.. hahahahah~~~

  3. Congrats! I love the T-shirts too