Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Listerine Natural Green Tea Mouthwash

During Ramadan month,
Fasting for long hours without food or drink,
Can cause stale breath.........

During Raya....
Eating more needs extra care for your teeth and breath...

After Raya,
We still need to keep the freshness breath throughout the day!~

Keep your breath fresh,
And prevent cavities throughout this period,
By gargling with Listerine Natural Green Tea Mouthwash...
Before and after sahur....

Listerine Natural Green Tea Mouthwash
Enriched with a mild green tea flavours,
Contains essential oils with proven antimicrobial effects,
Together with a double dose of fluoride,
To help ward off cavities...
Floride is known to prevent tooth decay,
While enhancing the resistance of enamel towards erosion
(Due to acid exposure such as consumption of high-sugar sweets or drinks)
It also boost re-mineralisation,
And helps to kill the plaque bacteria,
That constantly form on the surface of our teeth..

The new flavour also contains,
All the oral goodness of green tea:
Astounding ability to prevent cavities and dental damage.
A powerful antioxidant called catechin inhibits bacterial activity,
While tannin prevents plaqe build-up...


  1. i tried this before and I like it too the green tea taste is not too strong as the minty one :)