Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Card Games

Time for some card games,
With my mummy and jie jie...
While daddy is out with kor kor,
To buy battery for his new hot wheels track..

Mini Uno is our all time favourite...
Mummy thinks it's convenient
To bring anywhere we like..
We played it at home and also during our trips..

This time!
The winner is me!!!~
I know how to play...
And I'm really good in colour and numbers recognition,
At such young age!~
Thanks to Uno!~

McDonald memory card game,
Is very fun, too!~
It's very good cards,
To train our memory............

Able to identify,
The same pattern,
Is a job well done for me!~

Happy Family is a bit too tough...
I'll have to skip this,
And play when I grows a bit older...

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