Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Publika's O Christmas Tree

This Christmas,
Publika has commisioned 6 artists,
TO each create a tree,
To be placed in its central boulevard...

The tree which caught our attention:
Toys, Once Again...
By David WOng Tay Woei....

It's really amazing,
On the way he put the toys..
On the Christmas tree...

He was reminded of these abandoned toys,
In this season of gift-giving and spirituality...
But also of wastefulness and materiality...

Look at the way he wore a lantern on the doll..
I just love it!~

The message behind is just way too meaningful!!!
"Toys which have been thrown away,
Are like memories that have been deleted..."
This Christmas,
Let's revive the lives of these abandoned toys!~

White Doves of Christmas....
By Nizam Abdullah...

White doves represents,
Purity and freedom...

Doves morph into angels...
Another popular motif in Christmas imagery!~

I believe in Christmas...
By Jasmine Kok...

The colourful papers,
Which people wrote down their wishes,
Makes the Christmas tree more beautiful...

May all your wishes come true!~

- Tree of boxes...
By Ajim Juxta....

From tress to papers,
Recycled to boxes,
And then reconstructed as a tree!~

Malaysian Artist Intention Experiment...

I never knew Xmas tree,
Could be so creatively decorated!~
Great job by the artists!


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