Thursday, July 2, 2015

Carrie Bac Buster

Carrie Bac Buster,
Power up with,
The first antibacterial Super bodywash,
And Antibacterial Super handwash...

Speech by Mr Sriram Krishnamurthy,
COO of Wipro Unza Malaysia Sdn Bhd..

Followed by Speech from Mr Edward Chen,
Marketing Manager of Wipro Unza Malaysia Sdn Bhd...

Captain Carrie Bac Buster...
With cute cute pinky Carrie elephant...
Introducing the new Carrie Bac Buster range of products,
That elimanates 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
It's alcohol free, soap free and paraben free...

Group photo...
Of the VIPs and the performers...

Carrie Bac Buster,
Is clinically proven to be safe and gentle,
On children's skin..
It also contains plant based moisturizers,
That help maitain skin moisture balance,
While ensuring children stay protected from harmful bacteria..

Carrie Bac Buster range is available in fruity variants,
Of Blasting Blueberry and Smashing Strawberry..
The Carrie Bac Buster Antibacterial Super Bodywash,
Retails at RM4.45 WM / RM4.65 EM for 90gm,
RM10.20 WM /  RM10.70 EM for 280gm,
And RM22.55 WM / RM23.70 EM for 700gm.
The Carrie Bac Buster Antibacterial Super Handwash,
Retails at RM8.15 WM / RM8,55 EM for a 250gm bottle.
Prices stated include 6% GST,
And the range is available,
At all hypermarkets, supermarkets,
Leading pharmacy chains,
And other retail outlets near you!~

The new Carrie Bac Buster Antibacterial range,
Specially for children,
Is the first and only 'one of its kind'
Which every parent should have at home!~


  1. Recently I bought 2 bottles for my little Angels as I want them to be free from bacteria always. Thumbs up to Carrie Junior.

  2. I love the scent of these New Carrie bacbuster... Very fresh and nice!!! My daughter loves it too

  3. my son loves this so much. He says finally there's one that is antibacterial range for him to use.

  4. Haven't try this. But at home we use the berry flavour carrie bath. Smells very nice.

  5. looks like its a great event. my lil one love this and she insist to buy dis everytime.

  6. super everthing. super clean, super healthy :)

  7. the elephant mascot is so cute, i just saw this carrie bacbuster in the supermarket...thought of getting it for my kids too.