Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Disney Junior Miles from Tomorrowland

We attended,
Miles from Tomorrowland,
At Petrosains,
The Discovery Centre,
Suria KLCC...

Our mission begins...
And we watched the preview,
Of Miles of Tomorrowland...
At comfy 'cinema'..
Sitting on beanie bags...

Had lots of fun,
"Explore Space with Miles" activities...

Time to start..
Our Petrosains Space Exhibition Tour...

Interesting Science Show in Petrosains...

Discovering fun-filled,
Miles from Tomorrowland's art time,
In Petrosains & at home...

Miles from Tomorrowland SEA Premiere:
17 August 2015, Monday 9am...
Regular Timeslot:
Every Monday, 9am...
At Astro CH613 Disney Junior!~

For more information,
Kindly browse though:


  1. I went for this. It was really fun!

  2. Interesting series.. My daughter liked it even if she is a bit bigger...

  3. Its great for kids to explore the space. My Little Angels love the movie too.

  4. wow looks so fun. sure kids like!

  5. This has become my kids favourite show, full of super adventure