Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kidzania's Industrial Partners

 If you followed my kor kor's blog..
You'll probably know that..
Kidzania just announced their Industrial Partners...

Media Prima's Bananana!
Will be taking over..
The full production of the show,
In the theatre...

BHPetrol profesional team...
Serving Kidzanians!~

Canon Imaging Studio...
With brand new image...

Assisting the kids,
To enhance their knowledge,
In photography...
As well as photo editing skill!~

KZR 89.2
Official Kidzania's Radio Station...
With HotFM and FlyFM...

A chance to be a DJ,
In radio station!
How cool could that be!~


Step by step on...
How the mineral water is filtered..
And bottled up!~
Stabilo Design Studio...
2nd phase,
With more interesting art activities,
Especially for the kids!~

Media Prima's TV Production house..
For TV3, NTV7, 8TV and Channel9!~

More reason...
To work in Kidzania!~

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