Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Braun Thermoscan 5

Braun ThermoScan 5,
An Infrared eat thermometer...

The ear thermometer,
Doctors recommend the most...
It's No. 1 brand among doctors,
And 1st Mom's choice leading brand..

My IRT 6030 is green in colour..
And it consists of...
patented pre-warmed tip,
Positioning system,
Ready beep
Memory storage capacity,
Easy-to-read LCD display,
Protective case with lense filter storage,
1.5 V AA LR6 2x,
Disposable lens filters 21x...

The unit even comes along with...
Very details instruction plus graphic...
On how to use the product...

How to use it?
It's so simple..
Step 1: Remove the thermometer from the protective case
Step 2: Press the Power button
Step 3: Attached a new lens filter
Step 4: Fit the probe snuggly into the ear canal
Step 5: Press and release start button
Step 6: Temperature displays...

Remember always replace..
The disposable lens filters,
To maintain accuracy and hygiene...

It also comes together with,
1-year warranty card...

The tip on other ear thermometers,
Can cool the area where the reading is taken..
Leading to a higher risk of inaccurate readings..
The patented Braun pre-warmed tip,
Is designed to minimize..
The cooling effect of the tip,
Inside the ear canal,
Providing accurate measurements,
Time after time...

And you'll know...
How important it is..
To get an accurate readings during fever...

I like the night light feature,
Which helps take a temperature,
Even when it's dark..

The memory function,
Recall last temperature reading,
Is superb, too!

It is safe and hygienic,
As Braun disposable lens,
To eliminate the risk of..
And ensure accurate readings...

Unique positioning system,
With ExacTemp technology..
Uses a light and beep,
To confirm proper positioning...
Even the inexperienced,
Will never get it wrong!
With such indication...

Braun ThermoSca measures,
The infrared heat,
Generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue..
Because the eardrum shares blood supply,
With the temperature control centre in the brain,
The measurement with Braun ThermoScan..
Accurately reflects changes in core body temperature..

For more information,
Kindly hop over to:
Or Braun's facebook At Braun Healthcare Malaysia

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