Thursday, December 28, 2017

Neffos latest price reduction

Welcoming back...
Neffos Y5 and Neffos Y50..
Into the market...

More value with worry-free warranty promotion:
Neffos Y50 - RM299 (previously RM349)
Neffos Y5 - RM399 (previously RM449)
Neffos C5 Max - RM499 (previously RM599)
Neffos X1 Lite - RM499 (best seller)
Neffos X1 16GB- RM599 (previously RM699)
Neffos X1 32GB- RM699 (previously RM849)
Neffos X1 MAX 32 GB- RM799 (previously RM899)
Neffos X1 MAX 64 GB- RM899 (previously RM1199)

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