Wednesday, February 20, 2019


A Spanish company,
That is based in Barcelona,
Which is founded in 1949...
With an international scope,
That specializes in human healthcare..

PerioLacer: Bioadhesive Gel..
It can eliminates existing plaque structure;
Inhibits adhesion of salivary proteins,
And formation of new plaque;
Destroy micro-organisms responsible,
For the formation of dental plaque..

After oral hygiene,
Apply 2-3 times daily,
With soft toothbrush,
Or clean finger,
And massage gently with fingertips,
To promote absorption of the gel,
It forms a protective film,
Between the tooth and the gum..
Do not rinse..

SensiLacer Toothgel
Great for daily used,
After each meal,
Brush teeth with SensiLacer,
Brushing from the gum,
To the tip of each tooth..

It significantly reduction in dental sensitivity,
Within 3 days..
It is a good toothgel,
Effective against gum bleeding and inflammation..
It has a good taste!

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