Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Successful OKU - Jamumall Khairul Nizam

Would like to share an inspiring story of,
Khairul Nizam,
The founder of Jamumall Sdn Bhd.

With physical disability,
Life is never easy for Nizam.
From someone whom needed help to maintain his daily life,
Like eating and taking a shower,
By just using 3 fingers,
To become a successful entrepreneur,
Handling a well-known company - JamuMall!

Physical disability is actually not an disability in mind and will..
Where there's a will, there's a way...
There's no word such as 'Giving Up'
In Nizam's life dictionary,
That's what makes him successful as he is today...

Besides handling his business well..
He also gets the chance to travel and explore around the world...

He doesn't limit himself...
No physical disability, 
Would be a barrier to success....

You have everything,
Don't complain over a little things missing..
Be grateful for what we have,
Each and every moment of our life...


  1. Sedangkan Nizam yang hanya berkemampuan 3 Jari Dan 1 akal Boleh berjaya, apa lagi alasan Kita...

  2. Semangat luar biasa yang perlu kita contohi walaupun beliau kelainan upaya

  3. Being physically disabled is not an excuse! Find a way to shine in life.

  4. Inspiring story for me...salute him!