Monday, September 9, 2013

Making History with Huggies!

I'm so proud,
To be one of the 2106 babies,
Making History with....
The New Improved Huggies Dry Pants!~
@The Malaysia Book of Records!~

My diaper changing area~~~
Comfortably well-prepared,
With everything we need...
For my mummy,
To change..
A brand new Huggies Dry Pants on me!~

Part of the photos taken by,
MySnappy Photo Booth.....
During the record-breaking event,
@1 Utama Shopping Centre....

Stage activities: Baby Crawling....
I didn't join the stage activity, 
As I'm too big for crawling now~~~~~

Fun-filled play area...
We didn't really play very long here,
Because it's really too crowded~~~~~

We bought 3 packs of newly improved Huggies Dry Pants...
And bring back this super duper fun pool!!~~~
Which means,
We gonna have a lot of fun water playing time at home!~
At 3:21:23pm...
Diaper changed: 960!!!

We joined and witness the attempt of..
Huggies Dry Pants...
To get into the Malaysia Book of Records:
"Most Number of Babies In A Diaper Pants Changing Event"
2106 was indeed a great number!!!