Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Military Tag's Safety Nudge with Cre8tone Car Sticker

We seldom stick any car sticker...
Roadtax is the only car sticker,
You'll find in our car...

But now...
Things changed....

Military Tag's offering...
Personalized car sticker...
And we have our very own version of...
Cre8tone Car Sticker!~

It looks super duper cool, isn't it?

Thanks to Military Tag,
For such a wonderful idea,
To personalized our car sticker!

Especially highlight,
Rainbow colour of the word: cre8tone....
Me and my kor kor and my jie jie
Loves it so much!

Safety Nudge,
Is a personalised car sticker,
With safety reminders.
It can be utilised as a road tax sticker,
And as a safety reminder...
It can be customised with photo and words,
To remind driver & passanger about road safety.

Want to know more about
The products they're offering?
Don't forget to contact Military Tag,
At 012-6063247 for inquiries!

Instagram: www.instagram/malaysiamilitarytag

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