Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celebrity Fitness - It's Clobberin Time

David Weck,
The fitness innovation prodigy,
Is introducing...
The Rotational Movement Training (RMT) methodology.

Celebrity Fitness 
Launched RMT Club class,
At its "Nu" gym,
In Nu Sentral...

With celebrities like..
Yasmin Hani, Baki Zainal,
Josiah Mizukami, Megan Tan,
Fiqrie, Wayne Chua, Johnson Low,
Julie Woon, Nadia Heng, Dennis Gan,
Evan Siao, Henley Hii, Oranga Tan,
Danny One, Lin Kah Jun..
And many more....
Led by Vidal Coscolin,
One of the five,
Certified RMT Trainers 
Cum Group Fitness Manager,
Of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

MC of the day,
DJ from Red FM...
Kris Malhotra,
Country Group Fitness Manager of..
Celebrity Fitness Malaysia....

 The RMT methodology encompasses,
Non-dominant Side Training,
And functional strength training,
That utilizes both sides of the body,
To work together,
To move more efficiently and athletically.

 The RMT Club and RMT Rope,
Are designed specifically,
To complement,
The RMT methodology,
To achieve a full body workout.

For more information,
Kindly contact Celebrity Fitness,
At 1300-222-FIT (348)
Or simply visit
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