Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunway Pyramid's Dugrostar Stage Performance

We're there.....
To watch the live performance...
Of all the finalists of Dugrostar...........

All the finalists,
Showing their best performance,
With their best attire....

The audience are really supporting, too!
Besides cheering and clapping hands...
They prepare special banners,
To support their preference finalist!~

Dugrostar is not just about individual contest..
But some of the finalists,
Are from kindergarten,
With groups of super duper cute kids!~
Showing their multiple talents,
At Dugrostar Stage!~

Dugrostar's gorgeous judges,
With the sweetest smiles:
Ruth Liew,
Director of Malaysia Child Resource Institude and Child Developmentalist;
Elza Irdalynna,
Actor, Producer, and Speech/Drama Instructor at BluBricks,
Nur Diyana Hashim,
Radio DJ and Instructor at BluBricks!

While waiting for the results to be announced,
A group of charming kids,
Performing their best gymnast movement!~
Which win a lot of cheers from the crowd!

Singing performance,
While waiting for the results...

Cute kids with Malay traditional costume,
Performing Malay traditional dance......

While waiting for the result.....
The kids are invited to participate,
For a colouring contest....

Is the result out?!
Very very soon...
Just be patience....
And stay tune for my posts....

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