Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunway Pyramid Baby Room

We're shopping in Sunway Pyramid..
And drop by their brand new baby room!~
Located in LG1 Orange Zone,
Which is right besides Bonita!~

Just press the key button,
And enter the world of convenience,
For both mummy and baby!~

Once we entered,
We spot a beautiful and comfortable room..
Sink with not only one,
But 3 mirrors!~

I love this special part....
Where I can open and step up,
To reach the sink......

I personally think,
It takes someone really considerable..
To think for children like us...
Not tall enough to reach the sink!~
With this,
We're independent children,
Tall enough to reach the sink,
To wash our hands,
All by ourselves!~
Me and kor kor and jie jie feels so grown up!~

Water dispensers are inside the baby room...
If mummy's hot water warm water not enough,
To make nen nen for baby,
Always can fill it up here!~

It's time for my diaper change!~
So nice to lie down and relax...
I'll be wrapped up by clean clean diaper,
By mummy!~
You know,
I always smell smelly smell,
Everytime I go inside the baby room..

I don't smell it in this baby room..
You know why?
Sunway Pyramid prepared diaper bag,
For us to put in our used diaper,
And wrapped it up...
Before throwing it into the rubbish bin..
To minimize the unpleasant smell from used diapers!~

Time to wash our hands..
With Pigeon Sakura baby wash...
I love the smell of sakura!~
Pigeon also provides,
Free flow of liquid cleanser,
As well as baby lotion,
In the baby room...

I'm no longer on breastmilk,
But I still want to share out,
The very comfortable breastfeeding room..

Highlight on the door!~
Not curtain but solid door!~
And there's two breastfeeding room!~
Where mummies can breastfeed their babies,
With zero disturbance...
Where babies can drink breastmilk,
As long as they like!~

Last but not least,
They provide this little telephone,
Hanging besides the door..
For anyone to use,
During emergency!~

What I can tell you is,
This is one FIVE STAR baby room!~
We love it very much!~

Exclusive for my readers...
Enjoy Sunway Pyramid's
Upgraded baby room with your baby,
And drop by LG1 Conceirge,
For an exclusive gift pack!~

For more information,
Contact Jessica or Christy,
At 03-74943035 or 03-7494 3909
Or by email

Deals ends on 31 March 2015.
Remember to drop by,
Flash the above visual,
And claim your goodie bag!~

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