Monday, June 1, 2015

Card Pow - School Holiday

The website for credit & debit card,
Discounts and promotions!~
With cardpow,
We can know all the promotions..
Even better than everyone else...

Let's check out..
What's offers,
During this school holidays..

Anyone planning to go Legoland Malaysia?
And have a great stay in Legoland Malaysia Resort?
Check out the great deal from Maybank...

Anyone loves crunchy Famous Amos Cookies?
Purchase with your public bank card,
And get 20% extra...

I'm going to spend my time..
In Genting very very soon..
Checking the great deal from now!~

Check out this prehistoric interactive exhibition..
And have as much fun as we had..
In Dinoscovery..
Of course,
With extra special discount...
From Maybank and AmBank!~

If you have RHB card,
Don't forget to claim your free pastry,
At Delifrance,
After the visit to Discoveria!~
School holiday is not only for kids...
Despite her busy schedule of fetching kor kor and jie jie...
It's time for mummy to pamper herself a bit...
Mummy probably would like to claim..
Free treatment from bluunis...

Want to know what's more cool promotion,
Just hop over to cardpow...
And check out more updates from it's facebook...

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