Monday, June 22, 2015

Kid's Day Out at Quill City Mall - Kid'z Paradise

Stopover in Kid'z Paradise,
Lot 2-33A & 35, Second Floor,
During Kid's Day Out,
At Quill City Mall..

Attracted by the cute pinky bear,
And the merry-go-round from outside..

 And lots and lots of balls....

Kid'z Paradise is a safe and clean indoor play land..
Concept with wide-range of exciting play equipment,
Especially designed for toddlers and children up through the age of twelve..

Rocking up with a huge state-of-the-art playground,
Kid'z paradise is providing learning opportunities,
In a safe, fun-filled and carefree environment..
To maximize children's learning potential,
To grow into happy, healthy adults...

Accompanying parents,
Will enjoy amenities such as plush seating,
Baby rooms and free wi-fi..

Featuring large, beautifully decorated party rooms,
Perfect to celebrate special birthdays with wonderful food and entertainment packages..

The highlight of their sand play...
Instead of sand,
Kid'z Paradise is using cassia seeds,
With lots of health benefits....

Children can play in this well-equipped indoor playground...
To provide a holistic approach to the development of the children..

For more information,
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  1. Were here at noon. The staff were unfriendly. And the place was not maintain. Some of the stuff were unsafe for children like the trampoline and the stairs up to the slide. Thats my first and my last to visit kidz paradise. Wouldnt recomend to anyone. Very expensive charging a 1 year with the same price of a 4years old.

  2. When I went there, it's pretty new, everything's still ok...
    Too bad it's not well-maintained then..