Thursday, October 8, 2015

Leisure Mall Children's Lantern Making Prize Presentation

This mid-autumn,
Children's creativity..
Is a buzz in the air...
Of Cheras LeisureMall...

Everything transformed..
Into the form of lanterns...
Swinging up high in the concourses,
Scattering childlike happinesss..
To the mall's YesterYear Once More...

Lanterns were made by more than 500 children,
With boundless creativity and free-roaming imagination..
At the Children's Lantern Making Contest..

Organized by Cheras LeisureMall..
In collaboration with 2 primary schools:
SJK (C) Jalan Davidson
And SJK (C) Kuen Cheng 1...
Received an overwhelming response,
With the participation of,
More than 500 students aged 10-12...

In conjunction with the..
Prize Presentation Ceremony...
Clowns are presents...
To light up the colours of the event...

Children munching cotton candy...

And eating pop corns..
While waiting for their turns..
To receive their prizes...

 There are activities for the kids, too!
Such as Ring Toss...

 Shoot the Shark...

 As well as...
Tin Can Valley...

Local singer, Alvin Chong,
Present the prize,
To Shop & Win Contest Grand Prize Winner....

The lantern entries,
Are judged based on the neatness,
Creativity, colour combination,
And overall presentation.

There are 3 award categories for the contest:
Top 200 Excellent Award,
Top 20 Special Judges' Award,
And TOp 20 People's Choice Award...

The Top 200 Excellent Award Winners,
Will bring home RM100 Cheras LeisureMall Cash Shopping Vouchers,
While the winners of the Top 20 Special Judges' Award,
And TOp 20 People's Choice Awards..
Will walk away with RM50 Cheras LeisureMall Cash Shopping Vouchers Each...

For more infomation,
Kindly call 03-9132 2386
Or Visit Cheras LeisureMall Facebook Page


  1. Seems like a fun place for kids. Those lanterns are very nice.

  2. Kids actually very intelligent and smart :P Congratulation to all the winner!

  3. wow thats a really huge event for kids! I wish I join this kind of event when I was young haha

  4. Children these days really have a lot going for them. I also find that they are very creative too.

  5. seems like a fun place for kids:)

  6. wow... amazing work from the kids... really clever....

  7. I was around that area on that day!!!
    Their lantern are so creative and beautiful~~~
    And there are so many activities prepared for those children~~~

  8. oh you were there! :D.. nice event, cute children

  9. Love this activities for the children and also family.

  10. Congratulations to all the winners! I want to do the lantern also haha I miss playing lantern and candles during this festive.

  11. I always love mid-autumn festival. It brings family together~ Nice to see you celebrate mid-autumn festival with the kids~ :D

  12. Congratulations to all the winners. :)

  13. I miss the event this year, every year I'd go look at the lanterns with my kids but forgot it this time

  14. i wish to Shoot the Shark to release my stress !