Monday, October 19, 2015

Want to find a personalized gift...
For your special ones...
On their special days?
Is the best choice ever...
Precious Gifts From Your Heart....

With 4 main featured categories...
And lots of choices of products...
I'm sure...
I'll find something that's suitable...
For your special gift idea....

Choose a graphic tees..
From thousands of designs...
And get it printed out..
On quality cotton T-shirts..
From just only RM29...

It's really a very worth offer, 
Isn't it?

Can always expresss and 'wear' out..
Our feelings deep in our heart...

Can always have a couple t-shirt..
With your other half.....

Or even a cool family t-shirt..
For each and everyone in the family!~

It's pretty cool..
To have a personalized mugs..
And enjoy our drinks...
Every single moment of life!~

I'd created my account...
And can't wait for my first shopping experience,

Which category do you think I should choose?

The best way..
To warm our sofas or our bed...

Or Ceramic tiles..
To decorate our walls,
As well as our desktop!~

Just a simple click....
Or a simple call...
Customers will get all the support they needed....

Various banks,
To support the basic payment method!~

I'd subscribe,
To keep myself updated...
On the recent gift ideas..
How about you?
Want to try out,
This cool gift ideas shopping experience,
And surprise your loved one,
With outstanding gift?


  1. This service will come in handy for birthdays and anniversaries, especially for those with no time to do window shopping for presents.
    Thanks for sharing the alternatives.

  2. Personalised gifts are nice! I love it but I haven't try this out.

  3. i wanna print my cute shirt too! :) time for shopping again

  4. the graphic tee looks good. best to get the bright ones.

  5. nice. it is fun to have some personalized gift

  6. I like it... I definitely will be checking this out... it is an interesting novelty...

  7. Always nice to have custom made items to commemorate occasions.

  8. great pricing for customized gifts! should try getting my designs printed :)

  9. hmmm!
    i also love to have personalised gift to everyone i love!
    hoep to see ur gift next post

  10. I love the fact that is so reasonably priced. Will get my orders set soon ;)

  11. Wow! Interesting...i like to personalized fun and awesome...hehhe

  12. I like the order to make print on cushion cover its something I wanted to do for so long.

  13. I always love personalised gifts. the price is not expensive :)

  14. Yay I can print anything liao on my favorite stuffs, will share this website with my clients too :)