Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lifetime Asia's Mother 2.0 Campaign

Mother 2.0 Wisdom:
Mummy just shared...
Her words of wisdom....
of Mother 2.0...

Mother 2.0 Video Stories:
Stay tune...
For 4 mother 2.0 personalities,
With their personal stories..

Puteri Kirana,
An adrenaline-loving bike stuntwoman;

Nisa Hadian,
An oil rig engineer,
Who loves to bake;

Ammetta Malhotra Bergin,
A personal fitness instructor,
And owner of Target Fitness Gym..


Jayvy Chin,
A tattooed mom,
Who loves her ink..

Adapting to motherhood,
Doesn't mean...
Mummies have to give up..
What makes her a unique individual..

Mother 2.0 Listicles:
Exclusive 'listicles',
Highliting many aspects of Mother 2.0..
From gift ideas for Mother's Day,
To activities that Mother 2.0s would enjoy,
Plus great quote,
And advice for modern motherhood!~

Check all these out,

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