Monday, March 18, 2013

My Ultimate Huggies Dry Pants Experience

Mummy's super happy:
As she learnt the easiest way,
To change my dry pants:
Tukar, Salin, Lepas!~

I can't wait to try out,
The new Huggies Dry Pants.......

Mummy said she's going to 'interview' me....
About what I feels,
After wearing Huggies Dry Pants......

Happy but...
Shy lar~~~~~

I feels so dry and comfortable.....
And so easy to move around........

After changing to Huggies Dry Pants........
I can crawl super duper fast now!~
Even faster than before!~
Love the feeling: S-P-E-E-D!

Climbing up and down the staircase,
Is not a problem at all....
In a blink of eyes...
I'll be on top of the 'world'......

Mummy, don't worry,
I'll be extra careful,
While I'm climbing!~
I'd love to grow taller and taller,
But before I grow tall enough.....
I love reaching high!~

Wearing super stretchable Huggies Dry Pants...
I can always reaching high,
And aim for even higher!~

Are you ready,
To see the most ultimate challenge?

I always wondering,
How the baby in the photo,
Is able to do this action.........

And now I know how!!!!!
By wearing Huggies Dry Pants!!!!!!
Baby's are capable to do any 'stunt'!

And do you know why?
We feels so comfortable,
Until we feels like wearing 'nothing'!~

Last but not least,
Do you think I'll still runaway,
From my diaper change?


Not only mummy thinks,
Diaper changing,
Is an easy job for her...
Even kor kor is able,
To change my dry pants!~

Thanks to Huggies Dry Pants!

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