Monday, January 6, 2014

Attending Wedding Dinner

My very first wedding dinner.......

Happy wedding to....
The great photographer: Forest;
And the beautiful producer: Ally!~

Enjoying all the food served,
During the dinner....
It's yummy!~

Like the way the MC of the day speaks....
Talented and able to speak fluently in all the languages!~

Guess what,
I even met Mr Ronald Mcdonald,
In the wedding dinner!~
But I'm a bit scared to snap photo with Mr. Ronald..

Way to tired,
And straight away felt asleep,
On my way home in the car,
Without my pacifier!~
I didn't even wake up,
When mummy carry me to my room,
And change my pyjamas!~

Perfect wedding dinner,
For the perfect heavenly-matched-couple!

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