Monday, January 6, 2014

Hi-5 House Party

I'm so exited,
As I'm going to meet my idol...
Real soon!!!~~

I'd been watching and dancing and singing together with Hi-5,
On Disney Junior CH613 so many times..............
This will be my very first time.............
To watch and dance and sing with Hi-5,
For real!~

Besides watching, singing and dancing,
What I'd like to do with Hi-5 is...
High5 with them!!!!!~

My favourite....
She's indeed....
Our favourite:
Pretty Lauren.....

It's really a great fun time,
Swaying my body and dancing and singing,
All Hi-5 songs..
With Lauren, Stevie, Dayen, Mary and Ainsley....

If you think singing and dancing is the only thing we did,
During the house party...
You're probably wrong!~
As played hide-and-seek with Hi-5, too!~

It's really an unforgetable,
Memorable idol-meeting house party for me!~

Hope to meet you again,


  1. unforgettable party. Hope they will come here every year

  2. Small kucing, then we go dance with them every year.. hahahah!