Monday, June 23, 2014

AEON Mom, Guess What I'm Doing 2014

Participated in Jusco Baby Contest:
AEON Mom, Guess What I'm Doing ...

Was selected as one of the finalists,
And attended the Grand Final Prize Presentation...
This is such a wonderful experience for me!~

I didn't manage to bring back,
The huge hampers,
Like my kor kor 5 years ago...
As nowadays,
Really need to get a lot of votes,
In order to win big,
And we totally missed the voting period.....

It's totally all right!
I'm happy with what I won:
Consolation prize:
With Baby Kiko Hamper,
And Fisher-price toys!~

Being selected as,
One of the finalists,
Is totally a happy surprise for me!~