Friday, June 27, 2014

Anmum GenWhy? WhyPod

 We played interesting game,
At Anmum GenWhy? Whypod...

Whypod 1:
Why Marathon...
Every W-H-Y we asked,
Is a sign of brain cells connection..
How great!~

Whypod 2,
Big Why Wall
I can scribble and draw and ask anything I like,
On the board...
And snap a photo with it,
After I finish with my art work!~

Whypod 3,
Puzzle game..
Having very fun time,
Sticking the eyes, ears etc,
To the boy and girl on the board..

Whypod 4...
It's spot the little 'secret'..
I feels like little investigator!~

Fun-filled day!~

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