Thursday, June 19, 2014 is ONE!!! 
Celebrated its 1st anniversary,
On 24th May 2014.....

Jomparty is a subsidiary company
To Mahligai Klasik,
That offer designer
And personalized party celebration
To Malaysian.

Service include
Personalized candy buffet,
Party package,
Party decoration,
Imported party item,
Personalized door gift and etc.

The owner, Lydia Nasir
Is a dedicated mother of 2 sons
Working as revenue person
In hospitality industry
And do party as her part time.

Graduate in Bachelor Degree of Media Innovation
From MMU and A-Law Cambridge from BAC
Her interest never stop her from venturing creative industry.
Experienced for more than 10 years in flower decorating,
Following mother footstep as international florist and flower judge
With guidance from father in landscape architect
Have excel her throughout 5 years
In wedding and events designing.

The idea came for Jomparty
With motivated passion
In personalized party celebration in USA,
She continue to prove her capability
In pursuing her creativity in kids party.
Jomparty means come party
In Malaysia language.
It had been proven to be top search engine word
And easy to pronounce by all age.

Started from mouth to mouth,
Jomparty had grown to be proven
A successful online service business.

Jomparty motto is nothing to big and nothing to small. 
Each package are able to personalize 
To suit individual budget 
With minimal budget requirement.

Great news is:
Celebrating 1st year anniversary,
They are giving out 5 not 1 free candy buffet worth RM499
That will cheer you up.

 For more information,
Or jomparty's blog,
Or jomparty's facebook..