Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hello Kitty in Oz Mechandises

I'm going to show you...
A lot of cute cute Hello Kitty Merchandises...
Which is only available in....
Hello Kitty In Oz,
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town,
In Puteri Habour,
Nusajaya, Malaysia...

I bet nobody can resist,
This super duper cute kitty!~

Really feels like hugging...
This plush toy!~

A collection of...
Hello Kitty In Oz....
Limited edition~~~

Beautiful dreamy magical...
Hello Kitty in Oz's umbrella...
Can use it...
Rain or shine!~

Necklace & recycle bag...
With theme of:
Hello Kitty in Oz...

 Do you like their big hat day?

Hello Kitty in Oz...
Makes a pit stop..
At Quill City Mall..
On her Journey to Oz...
From 23-25 October 2015...

Remember to hop over to the roadshow...
And then plan your trip to Johor...
To have a wonderful Journey of Oz...
With Hello Kitty In Oz~~~~

For more information,
Please visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town's Facebook Page:
Or Visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town's Official Instagram page


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  1. good merchandise . ilike hello kitty too.. cant wait to visit.

  2. So many Hello Kitty collections and merchandise. I'm sure my daughter will love it too.

  3. Hello Kitty, the girls' favourite character. Must visit soon!

  4. wow.. all lovely! I want to see more and know the prices.

  5. Ohh... so cute Hello Kitty. I'm going crazy over all these. LOL

  6. Going to take my nieces to Quill just for this. Looks cute, think they'll like it.

  7. The Hello Kitty merchandises are so cute. Don't get me started on collecting them or I'd never stop!

  8. Those characters looking so cute.. I remembered I pernah collect the hello kitty stamps..

  9. Oz is in the town. hurray. will go to quill Mall tomorrow to meet them.

  10. Can't resist to grab one home even though I'm not Hello Kitty's fan. It's too adorable!
    I believe my nieces will love it if I get some for them. :)

  11. So cute right... I just can't wait to go and see it....Wait , it is the weekend.. lets go now

  12. Aikk.. I think I already leave d commented here... hehehe

    As I said b4 everyone love hello kitty. Rven me pun suka maa. But itu dululah.sampai berebut dgn my sisters.. wink

  13. Omg! The Hello Kitty in Oz merchandise are so lovely and adorable.

  14. Love the Hello Kitty range that they have here. Need to know on the price range though, but will prob make a visit down there tomorrow ;)

  15. Planning to visit Hello Kitty land at Japan next year! Will be visit here once I have the chance, it was too cute and adorable!

  16. seems like this event is now talk of the town! totally can relate to the hello kitty craze!

  17. I am sure you love Hello kitty alot can make out from your collection.

  18. Hello Kitty in Oz's umbrella will make my sister drive crazy !!

  19. hello kitty! girls will go crazy over these, and some guys too. haha

    i just love how pink everything is.