Friday, August 8, 2014

Australia by Bus

Travelling by bus,
With 3 kids and 2 strollers,
Is a mission impossible in Malaysia...

We completed our mission:
Travelling by bus in Sydney!~

Travelling with double prams,
Is totally not an issue...
With me and jie jie sitting on the pram,
No staircase to climb up or down....
Daddy and mummy is able to push us in,
And we could even sleep inside our prams...

Only when sometimes,
There are already two prams inside the bus,
We need to fold our strollers up,
And put in the designated area...

We bought MyBus3,
To avoid the need ,
To dig for Australian's coins,
To pay for the bus fare...

It is super convenient,
As there's no need to have 
One ticket for each individual.
We can put the same ticket in,
Until completed 10 journeys...

What's needed to be mention is,
Australian is super friendly and helpful...
Whenever we are unsure where we need to stop,
They always answer our queries,
With sweet sweet smiles...

Thank you so much!!!

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