Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pigeon's Panel Discussion on Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding journey,
Is really not a easy journey for mums...

In conjunction with the World Breastfeeding Week, 

Pigeon is organizing a panel discussion 
On "How to Overcome Challenge Breastfeeding Working Mother Face"

Introduction to Breastfeeding Essentials:
Electric Breast Pump Pro

Electric Portable Breast Pump

 Manual Breast Pump
Breast Pads,
Breast milk storage bottles / bags,
Nipple Care Cream,
Nipple Puller,
Nipple Shield,
Breast Shell...
Pigeon has it all!~
As Pigeon fully support,
Every mothers' breastfeeding journey!~

Welcome address by
Mr John Soo,
Deputy Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia... 

According to Mr John,
Pigeon is giving away 150 breast pumps,
To Small and Medium Enterprises....
In order to make more workplaces,

Panel Discussion by
Paul Jambunathan, Clinical psychologist;
John Soo, Deputy Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia;
Saito-san, Chief Investigator of Breastfeeding Laboratory from Tokyo;
Lilian Chan, A mom who enjoys breastfeeding...

Moderated by,
Shaz from Lite FM...

Thank you, Pigeon..
For the wonderful effort in supporting breastfeeding...
Healthy babies make happy mothers!~

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