Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Darling Quarter, Sydney

After a great sleep,
We woke up fresh in the morning..
Heading towards Darling Quarter, Sydney....

The playground grab our main attention...
And we spent hours and hours playing around...

Sydney's playground,
Is really different from,
What we have in Malaysia...
Kor kor tried some challenging game,
But I'm too small for this...

I prefer chasing the birds..
See the birds flying high,
While I'm approaching them...
Splendid experience!~

We get to play water, too!
And get ourselves wet!!!~
Super duper duper fun!

Daddy and mummy get to check out,
Some information in Sydney Visitor Centre,
While we take a rest in some shady place..
With grandparents, uncle aunty plus cute baby J!~

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