Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Choice

On my chinese birthday,
I need to crawl over,
And choose for the item I loved most:
Books? Calculator? Pen?
Or food: Drumstick? Eggs?

Probably can foresee,
My passion in writing in future....
I'd chosen the pen!~
Not the fancy penguin pen,
But the original grey pen~~~~~~
Didn't choose it,
Because of the cute penguin or the sharp red colour....
I think I choose it,
Because of my passion in writing...

2nd choice: Calculator........
3rd choice: The red egg!~
After all...
It's my birthday!~

A comparison between what I choose,
And what my kor kor and jie jie chosen?
Kor kor love calculator...
And jie jie love food!~


  1. Wow..u practice this ritual too? I did not but I think it is fun to see which thing will attract him the most.

  2. Haha.. yes, for 3 of my kids!!!

    Very fun, looking at the baby, making their choices... :p