Monday, February 6, 2023

2 In 3 Shopee Influencers Intend to Strengthen Their Niche for Online Selling in 2023

The growth of live shopping has seen influencer communities drive e-commerce inclusion for brands and sellers. Shopee’s recent study, “Past the Starting Line: Adapting to Malaysia’s Digital Consumers in 2023” found that 82% of Malaysian influencers feel excited about staying resilient and relevant on e-commerce. Of 940 local influencers surveyed last month, 60% had been with the platform for less than a year.

As part of their New Year resolutions, two thirds of influencers are focused on strengthening their niche as part of their personality and connecting with value-based shoppers through transparency. Because they get constant feedback from younger shoppers demanding more information to shop smarter, Shopee’s influencers would like to produce more genuine and authentic content across live formats to be more relatable to their followers.

To achieve this, influencers engage consumers through Shopee Live with 6 in 10 influencers prioritising more personalised video content that revolve around personalised niches and becoming expert at promoting relevant products through reviews, unboxing, tips, and tricks, and live demos.

With the rise of value-based shopping, unboxing has become a popular trend with younger generations entering the marketplace participating in live discussions with Shopee’s influencers. Live-shopping has become the most trusted platform among these audiences for personal advice, two-way feedback, and product clarifications with compelling proof. Influencers can use these insights to showcase the full potential of products and demonstrate their effectiveness in action, while developing their authentic voices and collaborating with other influencers within their niche spaces.

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia said, “We are excited to see such optimistic feedbacks from our influencer community and are thrilled to see their growth. These influencers will be a key driving factor in shaping the future of the digital economy and we are glad to see them take a step forward to widen their knowledge and skills through our Shopee Masterclasses. We are committed to helping our influencers cultivate more meaningful and loyal relationships online through our Shopee Affiliate Programme, Shopee Influencer Marketing Programme, and Shopee Live."

Motivated to upskill their content to better engage audiences and rise in this digital economy, 6 in 10 influencers intend to widen their knowledge on marketing and business strategy. Shopee offers various programmes focused on uplifting influencers such as Shopee House where creators get together bi-monthly to share, connect, and get to know each other, and Shopee Masterclass, a virtual programme where creators have knowledge-sharing sessions.

Shopee's Masterclass has upskilled over 500 local influencers since its inception in August 2022. It is a space where renowned influencers such as SoImJenn, Safuan, Ceddy, and Dato’ Calvin have shared with aspiring influencers their experience to upskill their content creating skills. Content creators can also learn the skills to improve their earnings via brand sponsorship and the Shopee Affiliates programme.

In support of influencers’ new year resolutions, Shopee will continue incorporating opportunities at its Shopee Influencers Fest, allowing influencers to continue widening their connection in the community and foster relationships with brands. In addition, Shopee’s KOL Masterclasses will incorporate more educational materials to help them adapt to evolving trends in ecommerce.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Shopee Unveils How Malaysians Gear Up for Digital Inclusion

Shopee Malaysia officially unveils ‘Past the Starting Line: Adapting to Malaysia’s Digital Consumers in 2023’ Consumer Trends Report. Of 2,150 Malaysian buyers surveyed, 60% remain steadfast in achieving ambitions and enjoyment in e-commerce in 2023. In fact, buyers under categories such as Mobile & Accessories (61%), Automotive (60%), Fashion (59%), and Home & Living (59%) are becoming more tech-savvy and fully aware of their diverse needs in supporting local businesses for a future-forward economy.

1. Increased and savvier use of digital services

When asked what their New Year Resolutions are in 2023, 35% of Malaysians want to prioritise personal health and wellness this year. The degree to which they look to self-improve is spread: better lifestyle and living choices (26%), upskill and nurture hobbies (23%), and increase social confidence (16%). When thinking about discovering and buying items, 39% of buyers plan to buy more home and living products in 2023, 38% show interest in family essentials like household goods, 13% gain knowledge through books and games, and 10% equip themselves with workout and travel gear.

Because they are more digitally savvy and spending more time online in all parts of their consumer journey, 51% of buyers see the increased importance of greater personalization and shopping flexibility for the new year. In particular, 32% of Malaysians across all categories want to explore Shopee's circle deals and live shopping, and 17% want to embrace mindful shopping by being sustainable in support of local inclusive businesses. 

2. Growing adoption of digital services for rural communities

When Shopee asked the surveyed buyers about their interest in locally made goods from Borneo sellers, 5 in 10 buyers expressed interest in supporting local businesses in Borneo to improve their living standards. 35% consider shifting preferences to shop for more local goods, and the remainder carries on with their learned and adopted online shopping habits. Many are excited to support Made-in-Malaysia products from underserved communities in rural areas because of their high quality and durability. Sellers outside big cities can seek inspiration from Khairul Aming, local entrepreneur from Kelantan, who was awarded the Super Favourite MCO Entrepreneur at Shopee Super Awards 2022 for having remarkable growth through the support of loyal buyers.

“We continuously work with a user-centric approach to keep ourselves well-informed of the trends and buyer contexts to create a positive impact through our inclusive ecosystem. This helps us channel efforts and optimally address user needs to share the future of the digital economy. And thanks to all their efforts and blessings, Shopee ranks first in the YouGov Best Brand Ranking in Malaysia and won gold for Kantar’s Strongest Malaysian Brand in the ‘General Retailers’ and ‘Lifestyle App’ categories. We look forward to coming together, celebrating, and giving back to our local communities with greater hope so Malaysians can enjoy a joyful shopping experience,” said Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia.

3. The rise of younger, more purposeful buyers

With the rise of younger, more purposeful buyers, many will not compromise on principles. 7 in 10 Malaysians strive to make smarter purchasing decisions through insightful content such as product warranty, live demos, and unboxing to ensure the products they love are worth the value. Since buyers pay close attention to what a seller stands for and does, they can interact with Shopee’s diverse community of influencers and affiliates to discover and enjoy an authentic shopping experience.

Terence Pang, Chief Operations Officer at Shopee said, “We have seen in the past two years, how adoption of digital services like e-commerce can improve people’s lives and transform the way consumers and businesses connect. Despite many having come online, we’re only just past the starting line in Malaysia’s digital economy, with a greater long-term opportunity to help more people benefit. In the coming year, these digital consumers will continue to shape the future of the digital economy. Shopee is sharing key consumer trends we have observed that businesses need to adapt to, and those who do so, will lay the foundation for a resilient digital ecosystem that will enable them to reach more users in the future. We are committed to helping our partners understand these trends and unlock more opportunities.”

Buyers will continue to influence the future of the digital economy with higher expectations of their online interactions. 32% of buyers intend to spend more time in 2023 to de-stress and earn coins through Shopee Prizes. Over 29% choose to support local businesses and products via Shop Malaysia, 28% habitually find authentic and genuine goods at Shopee Mall, and the remainder follow trends and latest products sold on Shopee Live and donates to the underserved via ShopeeGivesBack.

‘Past the Starting Line: Adapting to Malaysia’s Digital Consumers in 2023’ Consumer Trends Report is part of Shopee’s thought leadership series. These data-driven insights allow online sellers and buyers to tap e-commerce and digital services to drive resilience and stay relevant. Further insights on Malaysian influencers will be shared in greater detail in the coming week. 

Monday, January 9, 2023

Shopee: 63% of Malaysian Sellers Positive about E-Commerce

Shopee Malaysia kickstarted the New Year by launching its three-part 2023 Consumer Trends series called ‘Adapting to Malaysia’s Digital Consumers in 2023’. The first part of the series that focuses on sellers found that 63% of Malaysian Sellers feel excited and positive about e-commerce opportunities in 2023In particular, sellers from the Health and Beauty (71%), Toys, Kids, and Babies (69%), and Fashion and Lifestyle (66%) categories are the most optimistic, stating that they are on the right track to capture the opportunities in 2023.


Parts 2 and 3 of the series that focuses on Malaysian buyers and influencers will be shared in greater detail in the upcoming weeks. Findings can be utilised by businesses to tap e-commerce and digital services to drive resilience and stay relevant.


The survey covering over 1,000 Malaysian marketplace sellers in December 2022 found that sellers are excited to take advantage of three main e-commerce trends observed by Shopee, in staying digitally resilient and relevant on e-commerce: 1) Increased and savvier use of digital services, 2) Growing adoption of digital services among consumers living outside big cities, and 3) The rise of younger, more purposeful buyers.



1. Increased and savvier use of digital services


When asked what milestones they would like to achieve for 2023, given the digital savviness of buyers who spend more time online, 8 in 10 sellers agreed that they wanted to increase product discovery, consideration and purchase onlineSpecifically, 5 in 10 wanted to take advantage of Shopee’s hyperlocal campaigns tailored to engage consumers and ShopeeLoyalty Program rewards to increase traffic and demand, 2 in 10 wanted to engage audiences with higher value transactions from Shopee Mall and cross-border platforms, and the remainder wanted to use Shopee’s customised recommendation tools like Daily Discover to gain better visibility and consideration.


With the Shopee Growth Program, all local sellers are also eligible to boost store performance and sales with one week free trial of the highly popular Shopee RebateNOW where buyers enjoy 10% off between 9 till 15 January 2023. In addition, local marketplace sellers can claim up to RM100 Free Ads credit for two months to enhance their store visibility and traffic between January to March. 


2. Growing adoption of digital services amongst consumers living outside big cities


With technology giving better access to affordable and convenient digital products and services outside big cities, 7 in 10 sellers surveyed are interested in reaching consumers who live in Borneo in 2023. Thanks to Shopee’s integrated logistics infrastructure, sellers can take advantage of the nationwide network of warehouses and delivery hubs to reach more customers in Sabah and Sarawak. Among the sellers most keen to tap new audiences in Borneo, by category, are: FMCG (81%), Sports, Entertainment & Recreation (75%), and Groceries & Pets (74%).


3. The rise of younger, more purposeful buyers


In response to the rise of younger, more purposeful buyers entering the marketplace in 2023, 50% of sellers surveyed are interested in catering to value-based shoppers who support Local Malaysian Made goods via Shop Malaysia circle, and Green Sellers via ShopeeGivesBack microsite. They are also excited about the inclusion of more educational content in influencers’ live streams that demonstrate the importance of supporting these causes. 


As part of their 2023 New Year Resolutions, 95% of sellers want to upskill themselves with free Shopee University Courses in Sales, Marketing, and Operations. The most popular Shopee marketplace features they would like to incorporate in their strategies are: Marketing Tools (35%), Listing Optimizers (29%) and Business Insights (27%). A small percentage of sellers require Batch Tools (8%) to process bulk orders efficiently. 


Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia said, “I am beyond excited for the marketplace sellers who have positive resolutions in 2023 to try new features and discover new opportunities. Just two weeks ago, I personally handed out 34 awards at our Shopee Super Awards to Super Growing, Super Customer Satisfaction and Super Favorite Sellers, so I know that they can succeed. We always put a spotlight on sellers who light the path for other sellers to succeed and create a supportive environment for them.”

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP’ Back-to-School Campaign Returns to Support 200 Children from Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Communities

The majority of Malaysian families eagerly anticipate  the start of the new school year, racing to equip their children with all new school necessities to motivate the kids to excel in their primary education. However, for urban poor families, the new school year is laden with major expenses. 

While the percentage of urban poor is relatively low at 3.8%, Malaysia has one of the fastest urbanisation rates in South-East Asia with 77.9% of the country’s 32.4 million population living in urban areas which translates to almost 960,000 urban dwellers living in poverty. Most of the urban poor are settled in Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) low-cost flats, which are densely populated with limited public amenities that are often associated with drug and alcohol abuse, crime and petty theft as well as domestic violence and abuse, making the residents vulnerable

Those with lower educational attainment tend to be from households with lower incomes causing the income gap to widen. Encouraging and improving education opportunities is key to reduce income inequality.  

Understanding the plight of these urban poor families and recognising the importance of education for all, the Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP (Brighter Future with TOP) charity fund-raising campaign is collaborating with MYDIN to equip a total of 200 Primary One  students from hardcore poor families living in PPR communities in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor and Penang, with back-to-school essentials for the 2023/2024 school year.  

A portion of sales from selected TOP detergent products across MYDIN stores from December 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023 will be channelled to equipping these 200 Primary One  school students.

The back-to-school essentials include brand new school uniform, school shoes, socks, stationery set, pencil case, and colour pencils for each child. TOP will deliver the personalised back-to-school packs to the families ahead of the new school term giving parents and children ease-of-mind that they be on a level playing field with other classmates.

Since its inception in 2015, the Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP campaign has benefited 3,206 children from 97 communities nationwide with back-to-school essentials, while contributing TOP detergent products to their families and caregivers. 

TOP recently introduced The TOP Colour Signature line of Super Colour premium powder detergent and Colour Protect premium liquid detergent with breakthrough 5D Colour ProTech Laundry Technology that allows consumers  to wash all laundry together with the confidence that colours won’t bleed, colourful clothes remain  vibrant, and dark clothes stay dark. It prevents fabric from early aging, keeping them newer for longer helping prolong the life of garments thus promoting more sustainable living. Each participating family in the Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP program will receive a 2.1kg pack of TOP Super Colour powder detergent from this line, and a reusable detergent dispenser.

All TOP detergents including the Colour Signature line are powered by Advanced Micro-Clean Tech with Lion Japan’s Anti-Microbial Tech that deploys next generation detergent technology that effectively removes 99.9% of harmful viruses including (COVID-19 virus, Influenza A & Coxsackie), and bacteria. This specially curated multi-tech formulation includes Anti-Malodour, Anti-Mite Dust and Anti-Sebum functionalities, enhanced with Bolder Scent Technology, a distinctive fragrance with proven efficacy against malodour control while it enhances mood. 

TOP partnered with Kloth Cares and INTI to introduce the Colour Signature detergent line, and in the process collected more than 700 kilograms of good quality pre-loved clothing kindly donated by the Malaysian public. The pre-loved clothing will be cleaned and made available to participating families interested in upcycling projects. 

“Rising cost of living is a global issue, and the urban poor are most at risk. Back-to-school preparations for even one child can disrupt the tight budgets of urban poor families, yet education is vital for these kids to break the cycle of poverty. Having similar back-to-school items as other students can help to motivate them and put them in the right headspace to excel. This is why the Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP campaign resonates with and is supported by Malaysians who are invested in helping other Malaysians achieve their full potential. Our thanks to MYDIN for their cooperation on this campaign,” says Ms Carmen Foo, Senior General Manager of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd. 

To support the Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP campaign in providing 200 urban poor Primary One students with back-to-school essentials, the public can purchase TOP detergent products from any participating MYDIN store nationwide from 15 December 2022 to 15 January 2023. For more information, please visit 

“We are committed to supporting 200 children through this campaign but we hope to achieve a higher collection so that we can help even more kids. Join TOP to make a difference to urban poor families so that they can enjoy a brighter future,” adds Ms Carmen Foo in closing. 

To find out more about TOP products and the campaign, please visit or call customer care line at 1800-880-133.  

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Have a Beeyoutiful, Parfait Christmas this year!

If you’re looking for something different to give your loved ones this Christmas, then you’re in for a treat as Darlings Honey have collaborated with NaturoSqin to launch their Christmas Gift sets that not only pamper your skin but keep you and your loved ones healthy.


Darlings and NaturoSqin Wonderful Christmas Set A
Darlings and NaturoSqin Wonderful Christmas Set B

 This Christmas, homegrown brands Darlings Honey and NaturoSqin are offering two unique gift sets for this magical season which will let you experience the magic from outside and from within!

Wonderful Christmas Set A
🎄 Darlings Obsidian Honey (150g)
Darlings Golden Propolis (5ml)
🎄 NaturoSqin Shower Parfait (150g)
NaturoSqin Bath Bomb (160g)

Wonderful Christmas Set B
🎄 Darlings Obsidian Honey (150g)
NaturoSqin Shower Parfait (150g)

Darlings Honey is purveyor of premium stingless bee honey harvested from Trigona Itama stingless bees – found in less than 10 countries worldwide, including Malaysia. Stingless bee honey is a nutritional powerhouse with a host of medicinal properties as well as having anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-diabetic, and antioxidant benefits according to this study[i].

[i] Pimentel, T. C., Rosset, M., de Sousa, J., de Oliveira, L., Mafaldo, I. M., Pintado, M., de Souza, E. L., & Magnani, M. (2022). Stingless bee honey: An overview of health benefits and main market challenges. Journal of food biochemistry46(3), e13883.

Itama stingless bee honey is known for its more complex flavour profile, with a mild sourness that adds depth to the sweetness of honey. It also has only one-third the Glycemic Index (GI) compared to manuka honey, thanks to its low sugar content, making it suitable for consumption by any one of any age, including diabetics.  


Every single bottle of Darlings Itama Honey is 100% pure, natural, raw and organic honey. It has zero processing and is bottled without any additives, colourings, sweeteners or preservatives – straight from “Forest-to-Bottle” to You, without adding or taking away anything. Darlings Honey recently received the Consumer’s Choice Award from the National Consumer Action Council better known by its Malay name, Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN). As part of the award nomination, Darlings Honey went through a rigorous audit process to ascertain if it complied with MTPN’s stringent standards. The award is also recognition of the trust that has been placed in the brand by its customers.


NaturoSqin makes luxuriously handcrafted bath and body care products that uses premium plant-derived ingredients that are skin-safe and free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Their best-selling luxury bath bombs help you relax and rejuvenate whilst nourishing and moisturising your dehydrated skin.


Recognizing that not many households in Malaysia have a bathtub at home, NaturoSqin also offers an expanded product range including scrubs, body creams, shower parfaits, and soaps. Their shower parfaits feature a variety of scents to evoke the senses and either start your day right or lift your spirits after a rough day.


Christmas is around the corner and if you’re looking to spread some joy and cheer, then gift the bee-st to your loved ones this Christmas with our Wonderful Christmas gift sets! Shop the perfect gift on our online store today and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep or to your loved ones before Christmas.


Prices starts from RM148 and includes gift box and delivery charges. For more details, visit Darlings Honey's website or check out their Facebook or Instagram pages


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Quality Bonding time with Netflix

This December, kick off your Christmas holidays with our lineup of festive flicks! Sing your heart out to Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical or catch Sonic Prime in his speedy escapades (if you can!). 

Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with your closest friends with titles like Barbie Mermaid Power, Brown and Friends, and Secrets of Summer: Season 2. 

Brown and Friends


Christmas is never complete without some good ol’ holiday-themed flicks. Have a holly, jolly time as you tune into Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, and The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus.

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus


Not forgetting our younger viewers this month, we’re bringing you new and engaging titles like Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain, Mighty Express: Mighty Trains Race, and Bebefinn: Season 1 where they can learn and play! 

Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain


Christmas = quality bonding time!

Let's Netflix! 

*All photos provided by Netflix



Spend the holidays in style with the limited-edition CU x Christy Ng tote bag!

Photo provided by CU Mart

Fans of CU, the number one Korean convenience store in Malaysia, can now celebrate the upcoming holiday season in ultimate fashion flair! CU has joined forces with popular Malaysian designer Christy Ng to unveil a line of fashionable, collectable tote bags for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas presents, meeting your besties, or even enjoying a carefree holiday with your loved ones – the CU x Christy Ng tote bags are the perfect additions to your #ootd! The designs on the tote bags are inspired by Korea’s CU outlet architecture, giving them a distinctive look unique to only CU, while both bags come in two special colour schemes to suit your personality and taste. 

If a loud, outgoing, colourful vibe is what you want, the first tote bag with a fun, refreshing look with splashes of deep and bright blues and warm yellows for a sunny disposition is exactly what you need. Whereas if your vibe is more of a clean, classic feel – the second tote bag presents a more minimalistic, classic design in homage to CU’s instantly recognisable colours of purple and green.

Whichever colour you choose, these snazzy tote bags are made with high-quality canvas material, guaranteeing a comfortable shopping trip with an added touch of fashionable flair.  Take them with you

when you’re shopping for your Secret Santa gifts, on a snack trip to CU, or even to simply jazz up your selfies during a fun day out in the town!

Having recently launched CU’s 100th outlet in Malaysia, this collaboration is both a celebration of the support CU has received from Malaysians, and an expression of CU’s sarang to shoppers. CU is all about creating refreshing experiences for our shoppers, and this is the first in many more special surprises to come – so stay tuned!

The CU x Christy Ng tote bag collection is now available to purchase at all CU outlets across Malaysia, retailing at RM49.90 each. Each tote bag comes pre-packed with an awesome range of CU offerings, including: a Foodaholic Aloe Soothing Gel, Lovint Choco Stick, Coca Cola Rasa Asli cluster pack, and even a limited quantity Coca Cola Notebook*

We can’t wait to C U in stores with one or even both of these trendy tote bags. Head to your nearest CU outlet and own one of these stylish tote bags designed by Christy Ng today!

*While stocks last.

2 In 3 Shopee Influencers Intend to Strengthen Their Niche for Online Selling in 2023

The growth of live shopping has seen influencer communities drive e-commerce inclusion for brands and sellers. Shopee’s recent study, “Past ...