Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cycle Asia 2015

My very first cycling event:
Cycle Asia Kuala Lumpur 2015...

 All ready and prepared...

Waiting for Boost Juice Mascot...
For signal to start my cycling session...

 Cute little cyclists!~

Got my very first medal!~

Pelicana - Korea's Best Gourmet Fried Chicken

Dined in Pelicana Chicken,
At e-curve.....
Where I met,
My favourite Tommy kor kor...

Proven with my own tongue....
It's not only Korea's Best Gourmet Fried Chicken...
It's the best fried chicken I'd ever tasted, too!~

With over 2000 outlets in Korea and Worldwide...
I'm so glad to taste the famous fried chicken,
As shown in the Korean Drama:
<He Who Come From The Stars>

 I love Pelicana Chicken...

Just look at the menu they offer..
So many variety of choices...
For clearer view of what we ate...
Do hop over to Little Kitchen's blog...

Hereby highlight:
Their Ramadan Platters..
Where we can save up to 33%

Platter A (Up to 4 pax) RM66.90
2pcs crunchy Biggie Drum
2pcs crunchy Wings
8pcs Yangnyeom
9pcs Chick D'Nuggets
1 French Fries
2 Choco Pie
2 Fragrance Rice
2 Side Dish of the Day
4 x Soft Drink..

Platter B (Up to 6 pax) RM98.90
3pcs crunchy Biggie Drum
3pcs crunchy Wings
12pcs Yangnyeom
9pcs Chick D'Nuggets
2 French Fries
3 Choco Pie
3 Fragrance Rice
3 Side Dish of the Day
6 x Soft Drink..

Get ready to Buka Puasa...

With delicious Pelicana Chicken...

Accompanied with yellow sauce...

Don't forget to end your meal..
With the best dessert of all:
Affrogato Solo!~

For more info:
Kindly hop over to
Pelicana Chicken Malaysia's facebook
E-Curve Mall
Level 1, Lot 1-43,
Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7732 0087

Monday, July 6, 2015

Genting First World Hotel Express Self Check-In Kiosk

For the convenience of everyone,
Whom plan their stay in...
Genting First World Hotel....
The largest Hotel in the world,
Is now well-equipped with,
Express Self Check-in Kiosk...

With express self check-in kiosk,
We can request:
Pre-booked reservation check-in;
Room Upgrade;
New Reservation;
Special Room Request;
Early Check-in;
Multiple Payment Method;
And Late Guaranteed Arrivals...

There're so many functions on the kiosk,
But everything is clearly labelled..
And it's so easy to use..

For Malaysian,
Just put in our MyKad...
And our details will be detected,
By the kiosk...
To proceed with our request choices...

If you're foreigner,
You can use the kiosk as well,
By just scanning your passport...

For security and safety reason,
We're required to key in our pin number,
As well as scan our thumbprints..

If you have Genting Rewards Card,
Just swipe it to get your extra point,
Or redeemed the room with your points..

For new room reservation,
Can choose the room type we wanted..
With the most updated room availability...

After the amount is calculated..
Just pay by cash,
Or redeem with your point.

You can straight away,
Collect your room keys here...
So easy, right?

Don't forget to collect your receipt,
For your own record purposes...

For this trip,
We're going to stay in the new Tower 2A...
Check-in in the kiosk,
Located right on the lobby of Tower 2A....
Hop over to my kor kor's blog...
For the view of latest stylish design,
Of our Annex Room......

Not to forget to mention also...
Self Check-out kiosk,
Is so much more convenient...
Just insert our key card...
And we're able to check out already..
As easy as 123...
Even 3-year-old baby prince like me,
Could help my parents to check out!~
Cool, isn't it?

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Carrie Bac Buster

Carrie Bac Buster,
Power up with,
The first antibacterial Super bodywash,
And Antibacterial Super handwash...

Speech by Mr Sriram Krishnamurthy,
COO of Wipro Unza Malaysia Sdn Bhd..

Followed by Speech from Mr Edward Chen,
Marketing Manager of Wipro Unza Malaysia Sdn Bhd...

Captain Carrie Bac Buster...
With cute cute pinky Carrie elephant...
Introducing the new Carrie Bac Buster range of products,
That elimanates 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
It's alcohol free, soap free and paraben free...

Group photo...
Of the VIPs and the performers...

Carrie Bac Buster,
Is clinically proven to be safe and gentle,
On children's skin..
It also contains plant based moisturizers,
That help maitain skin moisture balance,
While ensuring children stay protected from harmful bacteria..

Carrie Bac Buster range is available in fruity variants,
Of Blasting Blueberry and Smashing Strawberry..
The Carrie Bac Buster Antibacterial Super Bodywash,
Retails at RM4.45 WM / RM4.65 EM for 90gm,
RM10.20 WM /  RM10.70 EM for 280gm,
And RM22.55 WM / RM23.70 EM for 700gm.
The Carrie Bac Buster Antibacterial Super Handwash,
Retails at RM8.15 WM / RM8,55 EM for a 250gm bottle.
Prices stated include 6% GST,
And the range is available,
At all hypermarkets, supermarkets,
Leading pharmacy chains,
And other retail outlets near you!~

The new Carrie Bac Buster Antibacterial range,
Specially for children,
Is the first and only 'one of its kind'
Which every parent should have at home!~

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