Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bukit Tinggi Trip

A short gateaway...
During the weekend...
Heading over to the chilling Bukit Tinggi...

 Tour De L'Horloge Clock Tower...

 Cooling water fountain..

 Horsey art...

Live performance...
Of graceful romantic dance...

Simply relaxing and entertaining!~

Thomas Arya KL Promo Tour

 Thomas Arya KL Promo Tour....

Thomas Arya di Angkasapuri, RTM..

 Nasional FM...

Bersama DJ Odey
 Dan juga DJ Edwin..

Live singing,
At KLFM....

 Interview session...

 With DJ Diany...

And Penerbit - Didi...

Guest judge,
With DJ Amran,
With Asyik FM..
Posing with DJ Alif,
From MuzikFM...
DJ Lin, Suria FM...

Preparing to sing live,
At Suria FM...

 At Astro's lobby...

Guest announcer,
For THR Gegar Carta...

Another live singing session,
And sharing of his love story,
At THR Gegar....

Check out his latest song in Thomas Arya Official youtube channel..

For more information,
Kindly check out Insictech Musicland facebook..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi5 Sound of the Week with MAS Enrich Junior

I attended Hi5 Sound of the Week's shooting...
With MAS Enrich Junior..

We're not allow to park our cars...
Everyone gathered in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya....
And headed together...
To the studio!~
With my favourite vehicle - Bus!!!

I'm going to meet my Idol, Hi5..
Pretty soon...
Excited to the maximum!

This would be my 2nd time...
Meeting Hi5...
The 1st time was during Hi5 House Party!~

Mummy's not allowed,
To follow the kids...
And they only can see us...
Through the TV...
Inside the tent...

Our session...
Will be dancing..
'Animal Dance'
With Hi5!~

My kor kor and jie jie and me...
Are one of those kids...
As I always watched in Hi5 show...

This is really one...
Very unforgettable experience for me...

And guess what?!~
We have a very upclose and personal session...
Together with Hi5,
During the group photo...

Oh My!!!!!!
Mary actually carry me!!!!!
And I hugged her back!!!!!

Thank you Hi5.
And MAS Enrich Junior....
For such a wonderful experience!~

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cheras LeisureMall Spring Tea Party

Attended Cheras LeisureMall's
Spring Tea Party...
Where all kids dress up...
In spring costumes...
All sets up...
And waiting for the kids..
To come in..
We're the very first to arrive!~

Had tea party,
With beautiful flowers,
During spring!~

 Together with cutie 'friends'!

Even the wooden horsey,
Decorated itself with lots and lots of flowers...

Tea Party is not a tea party,
Without delicious food!~

I dressed up as a spring wizard;
While my jie jie's pretty butterfly fairy..

What are you waiting for?
Let's party!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo (Mobite)

Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo (MOBITE),
At Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC),
Organized by Unified Distribution Technology Sdn Bhd (UDT),
Is held from 1 May until 3 May 2015....
Showcasing more than 80 global brands and 300 booths....
And the best part is: Admission is FREE!~

Don't ever miss out to grab hot deals,
On first come first serve basis,
Which include the following items:
Tech Titan 8GB Thumbdrive at RM1,
Tech Titan 8400mAH power bank at RM9.90,
Tech Titan Monopod with remote control at RM5,
Seagate HDD 500GB at RM99,
AMD Laptop at RM899!~

The first booth:
Kaspersky Internet Security!~
For android,
Is available at RM9.90,
To help more consumers secure their mobile devices...
The flagship consumer products of Kaspersky Anti-Virus,
And Kaskersky Internet Security,
Will be available at Buy-1-Get-1 during MOBITE!~

To brighten up the expo,
Koozaa Dotcom Sdn Bhd,
The official estore partner of MOBITE,
Had a not-to-be missed,
'Pre-Order Hot Deals',
From 15-28 April 2015...
With exclusive deals up to 90% discount,
As compared to normal market prizes...

If you already missed out the pre-order,
You won't want to miss out MOBITE for sure!

Official Telco for MOBITE,
Will reward the visitors,
For making purchases,
At the inaugural MOBITE.

For every device the shopper purchases in MOBITE,
They are entitled for a 6 months FREE data from TuneTalk!~

The international smartphone brand,
As the main presenter,
Will be having a series of activities at the Vivo boooth,

MOBITE will reward visitors,
With a chance to win Vivo smartphones,
And walk away with a SURE-Win gift,
By spending a minimum of RM100,
In a single receipt,
During the event!

I personally like this super slim smartphone very much!~

Acson Air Conditioners,
And their Brand Ambassodor,
Pop Duo Idol...
Fuying & Sam,
Will be in MVEC,
To grace the event!~

Get a cup of free Slurpie,
And stay chill at AMD Cool Zone,
That features special Live Demo,
Thoughout the day,
Involving several unique features from AMD...

I didn't expect,
To see Courts in this expo..
But now I know,
Courts also selling lots of digital products...
Do grab their super amazing deal,
As low as RM0.28!!!!!!

You won't believe,
You're going to get a MicroSD card at RM0.28,
Won't you?

I grabbed mine,
Don't lose your chance ya!~
It's super duper worthy!~

Didn't really expect to see...
So many Doraemon mechandise....
In a technology-related Expo...
But really,
You can spot many cutie Doraemon,
In the expo as well...

Is a very good tracking devices,
Ideally for children and elderly,
Hikers and Jungle trekkers...
It's really a good way,
To ensure the safety of our love ones..

I don't really agree,
To track your couple...
Everyone deserve some privacy,
In a relationship....

Visitors will be entertained,
By on-stage activities,
Such as quizzes, magic shows,
Product presentations and contests...

Check out the winners,
Whom win great goodies from Kaspersky!~

For more information on Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo,
Activities schedule, promotions and latest happening,
Please visit:
For daily updates on MOBITE!

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