Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CNY Tree

Me, kor kor and jie jie,
Together with our wai por....
Made this special CNY tree,
To decorate my wai por's house........

It's not easy for me to hang,
All the decorations on the tree,
But my wai por is always there to help out....

Can't wait to wear new clothes and new shoes!~

Gong Hei Fat Choy!!!

Mongolian CNY @Sunway Pyramid

I thought I went to Mongolia,
For a horsey ride...
When I step into Sunway Pyramid....

Really love their Mongolian-feel CNY decoration....

So uniquely nice!~
To walk inside the Mongolian tent..
To know more about their culture....

Chinese Calligraphy set....
Just right mood for CNY!~

And guess what?
They are selling Ting Ting Candy,
On the old styled bicycle!~
Very got feel..
I likey!~

Last but not least...
I'm waiting for horse horse,
To carry me for a ride...
Around Sunway Pyramid!~

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello Babies!

Went to Gala Premiere,
For 'Hello Babies'
Yesterday night,
In Pavilion................

Before the movie starts,
We're waiting the 'super stars'
Starring in the movie..
Coming all the way from Hong Kong,
To Lou Sang in front of the media......

I'm not really sure....
What's the story line about...
But mummy thinks it's not very interesting story...
Yet it's a movie for all our whole family members,
To laugh and have fun together!~

I'm super excited,
To see so many babies,
In the movie.............

This is the first and only movie,
I'm still awake by the time the movie finish...
You know why?
Every time I felt a little sleepy,
In the comfortable cinema theater...
A cute baby comes out in the huge screen,
Chasing my sleepiness away!~

Happy CNY, everyone!~

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Friso “Our Today Moments”

While the journey of motherhood,
Brings incredible experiences
Or great joys to a mum,
The reality of having to juggle
Between work and family
Can sometimes create
A lot of emotional tensions for mummies!~

For instance,
Mothers who are constantly caught up
In the their daily to-dos,
Such as work,
Sending and picking up the kids,
Cooking, bathing, feeding them,
Plus household chores,
Are left with not much
Or no time to spend quality time with their kids.
As a result,
They may feel they are always out of time,
Exhausted, guilty, not spending enough time with their kids,
Postponing plans with kids,
Torn between work and family and even husband…

“Our Today Moments”
Refers to the time we spend with our children,
The time we set aside our daily to-dos and focus on “today”. 
In another words,
It’s about you making the effort
To make every moment count with your kids -  
We call this quality time “Our Today Moments”

I'd been spending limited quality time with my kids
After I did Friso Mum Survey,
I so much wish that money is not an issue for our family,
And we can spend more quality time together…….
With every expenses raising in the reality,
It had become almost impossible to achieve….
The only choice that I have is:
Continue working and earn money,
Rushing here and there all the time…..
Sacrifices my own personal time for my kids.
For example,
I always has light lunch,
In order to fetches the elder kids,
To and from school
During my lunch hour;
I didn’t sleep much,
As I need to do the chores,
Only after my kids're fast asleep….

According to the survey findings,
A working mum spends about
2.5 hours lesser than a non-working mum or housewife
With her children,
And she considers only half her time with her children
As “quality time”.
As a working mummy,
I try my best,
To make sure ALL the time I spent with my children,
Are ‘quality time'!~

It’s totally understandable that,
More than half of the working mums surveyed
Also feel she does not spend enough time with her children.
Tell me,
Which mummies don’t want to spend MORE time with their children?
According to the survey…..
Mums want to do activities
With their kids but don’t know how…
But I think I'm pretty lucky,
As I blog a lot and have a lot of blogging friends,
Who’s willing to share the experiences…
And giving me more ideas,
On what activities children like the most!

Mums, regardless working or non-working,
Want their husband to be responsible
And involved in taking care of their children,
Planning of family activities
And even doing household chores. 
That’s pretty normal….
As a complete family, includes
Involvement of every family member…

Malaysian mums are expressive
With their love for their kids,
But are also disciplining……
While moms are loving
And yet strict towards their kids,
They want to be perceived as friendly
And someone who guides her children
In the journey of growing up together…
I hope I'm always my kids' best friends ever,
And they could share everything with me:
Their toys, their time, 
And most importantly,
Their feelings……

My “Today” moments:
·         Hugs and kiss my kids everyday!
·         Bedtime story is a must!
·         Sing as many songs as possible to my children.
·         Bring my kids to as many ‘field trip’ as possible, for them to learn during the trips and have more wonderful moments together.
·         Get creative and do more recycling art together.
·         Plan for special birthday celebrations every year for my little ones.
·         At least, having one meal together everyday.
·         Cook more nutritious food for my kids.
·         Play together with my children.

To know more about Friso “Our Today Moments”
And the survey results,
Do visit Friso’s facebook

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hi-5 House Party

I'm so exited,
As I'm going to meet my idol...
Real soon!!!~~

I'd been watching and dancing and singing together with Hi-5,
On Disney Junior CH613 so many times..............
This will be my very first time.............
To watch and dance and sing with Hi-5,
For real!~

Besides watching, singing and dancing,
What I'd like to do with Hi-5 is...
High5 with them!!!!!~

My favourite....
She's indeed....
Our favourite:
Pretty Lauren.....

It's really a great fun time,
Swaying my body and dancing and singing,
All Hi-5 songs..
With Lauren, Stevie, Dayen, Mary and Ainsley....

If you think singing and dancing is the only thing we did,
During the house party...
You're probably wrong!~
As played hide-and-seek with Hi-5, too!~

It's really an unforgetable,
Memorable idol-meeting house party for me!~

Hope to meet you again,

Attending Wedding Dinner

My very first wedding dinner.......

Happy wedding to....
The great photographer: Forest;
And the beautiful producer: Ally!~

Enjoying all the food served,
During the dinner....
It's yummy!~

Like the way the MC of the day speaks....
Talented and able to speak fluently in all the languages!~

Guess what,
I even met Mr Ronald Mcdonald,
In the wedding dinner!~
But I'm a bit scared to snap photo with Mr. Ronald..

Way to tired,
And straight away felt asleep,
On my way home in the car,
Without my pacifier!~
I didn't even wake up,
When mummy carry me to my room,
And change my pyjamas!~

Perfect wedding dinner,
For the perfect heavenly-matched-couple!

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