Monday, May 23, 2016

Wakase iPhone Case

A new casing...
From Wakase....
For my iPhone 5...
Wakase iPhone Case~

Redefining Beauty & Style...
My iPhone is turning pink!~
To be exact,
It's Ruby Red...
iPhone SE Case,
WaKase Le Bamboo
A case for iPhone 5/5s,
For Apple iPhone SE/5/5S

Wakase promises,
Top quality,
Finest texture...

It's premium material,
Is environmental friendly...

And it's design for perfect fitting...

Look at the casing...
It's stylistic..
And also..
Shock Absorbent...

Hop over to..
For more casing options...
Personally pretty amazed,
With the choice of casing they're offering...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lifetime Asia's Mother 2.0 Campaign

Mother 2.0 Wisdom:
Mummy just shared...
Her words of wisdom....
of Mother 2.0...

Mother 2.0 Video Stories:
Stay tune...
For 4 mother 2.0 personalities,
With their personal stories..

Puteri Kirana,
An adrenaline-loving bike stuntwoman;

Nisa Hadian,
An oil rig engineer,
Who loves to bake;

Ammetta Malhotra Bergin,
A personal fitness instructor,
And owner of Target Fitness Gym..


Jayvy Chin,
A tattooed mom,
Who loves her ink..

Adapting to motherhood,
Doesn't mean...
Mummies have to give up..
What makes her a unique individual..

Mother 2.0 Listicles:
Exclusive 'listicles',
Highliting many aspects of Mother 2.0..
From gift ideas for Mother's Day,
To activities that Mother 2.0s would enjoy,
Plus great quote,
And advice for modern motherhood!~

Check all these out,

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