Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Friso Gold and me

My very first encounter about Friso Gold...
The whole incredible Friso Gold Journey,
Makes me fully understands about the milk,
And have full confidence on this brand of milk...
Silently decided....
To switch kiddos current brand of milk..
Into Friso Gold....

Main concert towards kids are:
Double H: Healthy and Happy...

Friso Gold helps to build their immune system,
From inside out!~
That's why I love Friso Gold so much!~

My kids used to always fall sick,
I found that the frequency of getting flu reduce  alot!~
They used to cough,
Whenever they took a tiny bit of ice cream..
But now...
I can let them eat without any worries!~

Of course,
There are many proven facts...
On all the benefits of Friso Gold....
The most important reason is,
My kids are Healthy and Happy!~
Action speaks louder than words...
They no need to tell me if they likes it...
They loves drinking Friso Gold,
And will finish off,
Until the last drop of the milk...

I love my kids to have outdoor experiences...
If possible,
I'd like to explore everything with my kids,
The special kind of bonding moments,
Are simply priceless!~

We normally play scooter,
Cycling, swimming...
Playing basketball...
Having lots and lots of activities of our very own:
Using tables, chairs, different size boxes or tin can,
Overturned pans or lids.....
And start a backyard concert with kiddos....

We build a mini soccer goal,
By overturning the table,
Netting the goal with fabric...
And had a great match with my children...

Make our very own DIY lantern,
By using paper plates and recycled chopsticks...

Felt so honoured and happy..
To see so many Friso Gold Mums and kids..
Recreating our activities:
Be it our backyard concert,
Having incredible fun with balls,
Or making DIY lantern!~

In the meantime,
We enjoyed recreating activities...
Ideas from other parents and their kids,
From Say Yes to Experiences, too!~

The current greatest outdoor experience,
Would be our back at nature retreat...
Camping for the first time.....
Sleeping overnight in the real tent!~
Jungle trekking for the first time ever...

Never try never know...
I never knew,
My kids are so capable of doing so many things..
Until I see it with my own eyes!~

To really participate in all these outdoor activities,
They really need a healthy and strong body....
I'm able to see the best part in my kids!
And many thanks to Friso Gold...
Not only bloggers are happy with Friso Gold,
98% of Friso Gold mothers are also happy with Friso Gold Product. *
Discover the reasons behind the love of mother and child for Friso Gold,
Disclaimer: *Results based on a database survey of Friso Gold mums.


  1. yeah health is most important for kids! looks like i should recommend this to my mommy friends too :)

  2. Last time I bought Friso for my kids...

    Now a day I switch to Dutch Lady...Ok juga sebab from the same company

  3. i love their product too. thanks for the info

  4. Aww the photos of you and your family is so sweet! Choosing the right milk sure is important for children growth

  5. interesting post!
    love the bonding time with your kid!
    enjoy it!

  6. i heard this brand is good. whoa!!! kids nowadays super lucky with quality milk. i drank mommy's milk. :)

  7. What a lovely bonding time your family had. And it was Frisco Gold that provided this opportunity.

  8. I will recommend it to my friend as she currently pregnant. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. I believe parents always give the best to children.

  10. I'm not a mommy yet, but can introduce to my friends. Thanks on behalf for my friends.

  11. My daughter grew up on Friso Gold as well... and look like you really had an awesome time there....

  12. LOL~ Yor kid's thumb up is so cute! =D

  13. i heard this brand before!! really a good quality milk!!

  14. Wow. What a good product and I can see you have a healthy family with healthy activities with your kids. So good.

  15. This is good for young mothers.. My colleague also used it too!

  16. Looks like a warm and fun activities you can do it with your family! It was always the best moment =D

  17. I also love Friso milk, very refreshing! :D

  18. yup, kids always surprise us! although i don't have one kid yet, i still think their possibilities are limitless!

  19. Quality milk powder is essential for children growth and also immune system.

  20. Great family bonding time, you are so creative in creating outdoor activities for your kids :)

  21. friso gold! tried it for my kids.. unfortunately, i feel its a bit too sweet oh.

    still looking for milk powder

  22. Your kids are so cute~
    Love the way you build up relationship with your kids~

  23. little prince is so capable not just cute but talented too...cutest family

  24. A really good brand for kids!. Hope your kids be more active and talented


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