Saturday, October 30, 2021

Go Shop’s 7th Birthday ‘Happy Together’ Celebration with the Biggest Deals

photo provided by Go Shop
Malaysia’s leading home shopping and ecommerce business Go Shop
Kicks off its 7th birthday celebration with its Happy Together Live Party
For the weekend (30 October – 31 October)
Featuring Go Shop hosts and special artiste appearances
Such as Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi,
Datin Hajjah Fouziah Gous, Dato Aaron Aziz,
Ustaz Munif Ahmad, Gan Mei Yan,
Wang Chun Pin and Yoon Ng. 

This is Go Shop’s biggest event for the year
With over RM3.5 million worth of free gifts and Buy 1 Free 1 deals
For its best-selling products ranging from household appliances,
Kitchen & dining, food, fashion and beauty
As well as digital products.
photo provided by Go Shop
Catch the Birthday Live Party
From 9am – 1pm on Astro CH118 and 4pm-8pm on CH303 respectively
Or stream on Go Shop mobile app and web.
The Happy Together Live Party marks the start of
o Shop's month-long birthday special
Throughout November and exclusive promotions across its platform.

Christinne Lim, CEO of Go Shop said:
“Go Shop has grown into
Malaysia’s leading home shopping and ecommerce business
Thanks to the strong support and trust that our customers,
Partners and vendors have given us over the past seven years.
Themed around ‘Happy Together’ for the 7th birthday celebration,
Go Shop is looking forward to bringing joy
And a delightful shopping experience to our customers.
We are committed to serving customers
With our exciting and entertaining content,
Trusted brands and products,
Differentiated value bundles and great customer experience.”

“The extended MCO has been a huge catalyst
In accelerating online shopping.
At Go Shop,
We have seen our digital platform strengthening
With an increase in sales coming from online platforms.
As the popularity for health, fashion, fitness
And leisure products increased during lockdown,
We have successfully onboarded more brands
And product line ups for these categories
And collaborated with our partners
To produce more live shows that focuses on fitness and wellness.”

“We are a household-known shopping platform
That offers quality and trusted brands of home appliances,
Kitchen and dining wares
To meet the demand of modern households –
Smart, convenient, multifunctional and healthy-living.
In addition,
We are constantly adding more products and choices
To meet our customers’ needs.
During the year,
We have also launched our first and very own clothing and bedding line -
Royal Field and La Belle,
Go Shop exclusive brands,
To provide more options of quality products to our customers,”
Christinne added.
photo provided by Go Shop
Go Shop’s 7th Birthday ‘Happy Together’ campaign
Offers RM7 million vouchers giveaway,
Discounts of up to 80%
And exciting weekly deals
From 1 November till 30 November 2021
Customers can look forward to
A line-up of new product launches this November
For greater choice and variety.
These products include modern and vibrant cookware,
Furniture, and beddings for customers to spruce up their homes,
Just in time for the new year. 

Throughout the campaign period,
Customers can enjoy up to RM77 when they spend RM650 and above.
To top it off,
Customers can snatch RM7 discount vouchers daily
From 1 to 7 November
And join in the Happy Spin & Win Game
From 17 to 30 November 2021
To win RM170,000 worth of prizes
On the Go Shop app B
esides enjoying exclusive discount and rebate
When they make their purchases
With GrabPay eWallet and,
Public Bank, CIMB and Standard Chartered cards
During this campaign period. 

Tune in daily to Go Shop Channel on Astro
– Go Shop RUUMA CH118,
Go Shop GAAYA CH120,
Go Shop BAARU CH111 in Bahasa Malaysia
Or CH303 in Mandarin,
And MYTV CH 120,
To discover Go Shop’s birthday deals and offers.
Visit Go Shop online at 
Or download the Go Shop app 
From Google Play and App Store. 

Friday, October 22, 2021

Jom Support Lokal Heroes with ShopeePay


If you are heading out this weekend but don’t know where to go, why not let Deals Near Me decide for you? All you have to do is open the Shopee App, search for the Deals Near Me icon and voila!

Better yet, check out the Jom Support Lokal Heroes campaign today, 23 October, to support your local favorite food and beverage merchants. All you have to do is purchase the attractive and mouth-watering ShopeePay Vouchers at only 1 sen, and redeem the voucher to enjoy exclusive prices, cashbacks or discounts when you pay with ShopeePay at the outlet.

Here’s some to name a few:

BananaBro: Bro, jom banana leaf! Enjoy the taste of authentic Southern Indian cuisine with a modern and contemporary twist. With ShopeePay Vouchers, you get to enjoy RM6 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 and even a plate of deep-fried golden squid rings to accompany your meal for only RM6.90. Both vouchers are valid for 7 days upon purchase.

OLDTOWN White Coffee: Savour the combination of white coffee and kaya toast as you catch up with friends. OLDTOWN White Coffee offers a menu of the much-loved kopitiam fare from bread, noodles, rice to western meals, beverages, snacks and desserts that will satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on OLDTOWN’s ShopeePay Voucher which allows you to enjoy RM6 cashback with a minimum spend of RM18.

Empire Sushi: Calling all sushi lovers! Empire Sushi is treating you to a RM5 cashback with a minimum spend of RM20. Purchase this ShopeePay Voucher for 1 sen and redeem it within 7 days upon purchase. Explore other Empire Sushi bundle deals which start from RM21 and choose the set that will make your taste buds happy.  

Krispy Kreme: What can RM0.80 get you these days? The answer: a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut (original price RM3.20) with ShopeePay Voucher! If one isn’t enough, you can get three doughnuts (1 Original Glazed, 1 Assorted, 1 Premium) for only RM10 with the ShopeePay Voucher.

Chizu: Up for a unique drinking experience that centers around frothy Japanese cheese? Check out Chizu for its Japanese Cheese drinks that come in four core flavors - Jasmine Green Tea, Premium Red Tea, Japanese tea and promotional seasonal teas. It is also offering Chizu Matcha Soy Cheese and Chizu Chocolate Soy Cheese for only RM2.90 per cup with ShopeePay.

The campaign is also treating Malaysians to Buy Now & Redeem at Outlet vouchers. Get a Domino’s 3 Regular Pizza for RM29.90 (original price RM95.70); one (1) Ayam Bariani Rice from JM Bariani House for RM15.90 (original price RM20.00), a Black Whale Royal Whale Milk Tea for RM6.80 (original price RM8.90) and more.

The Jom Support Lokal Heroes campaign ends on 23 October. To discover other participating merchants, head over to

*Remember to read the terms and conditions of the vouchers!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

TOP Contributes Detergent Care Packs To Uplift MOH COVID-19 Patient-Facing Frontliners and Encourage Teen Vaccination

photo provided by TOP detergent

Malaysia is in recovery mode 
With vaccination rates at over 90%, and fewer new cases.
Teenagers between 12 to 17 years will be the next group to be vaccinated. 
Businesses, schools and colleges are reopening, 
Domestic travel is picking up with more holiday destination. 
There is hope; 
But there is still much to be done 
With the Ministry of Healths COVID-19 patient-facing frontliners  
Continuing to serve despite the risk of being infected.
TOP detergent aims to create a virtuous circle of uplift and support 
That includes hard-pressed MOH COVID-19 patient-facing frontliners, 
Vaccinators and NGO staff, 
While motivating more people to sign up for, 
And receive their vaccination.
TOP detergent is contributing 
17,000 Advanced Micro-Clean Tech detergent care packs 
To MOH COVID-19 patient facing frontliners,  
Vaccinators from 17 KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJ Healthcare) 
Pusat Pemberian Vaksin (PPVs) 
And front line staff 
At six Anjung Singgah social intervention centres for the homeless.
Approximately 96,000 TOP detergent packs have 
And continue to be given to the vaccinated, 
Including 6,000 packs earmarked for 12 to 17 year olds 
Who will be receiving their first dose of the vaccine.
The total contribution value is more than RM424,000.
The success of vaccination especially in the Klang Valley 
Has resulted in a decrease of critical patient capacity in hospitals here, 
Reducing the stress on health workers. 
All of us will need to form new mindful habits and practices 
To learn to live with the Covid-19 virus. 
Make the standard operating procedures part of your lifestyle 
To protect communities, 
And to give our frontliners some respite from the physical, mental 
And emotional toll of the past 19 months. 
Please take COVID-19 self-test or the saliva test more regularly 
Especially if you are in frequent contact with people. 
Our thanks to Southern Lion and TOP for this timely contribution, 
Said Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin.
photo provided by TOP detergent

TOP, the No 1 detergent brand in Total Malaysia, 
Is manufactured by Southern Lion Sdn Bhd for Lion Corporation of Japan.
Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Managing Director, Kazuo Mabuchi said, 
We recognise the sacrifice and courage of frontline personnel, 
And want to appreciate them with this functional gift 
Because TOP cares for you. 
The TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech anti-virus detergent care pack 
Will last a family of four for more than a month. 
We have worked with KPJ Healthcare to distribute TOP powder detergent 
To those get vaccinated. 
It is a positive way to reward people 
For doing the right thing to protect self, to protect all. 
We will also be working with JKJAV to appreciate 12 to 17 year olds 
Who receive their vaccination. 
It is a massive exercise for us, 
But we believe that it can help, 
Southern Lions Mabuchi explained.
Staff at Anjung Singgahs six transit centres for the homeless 
In Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, Johor and Sarawak 
Are at daily risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus 
As they are on the front line of serving the homeless.
Staff at all our centers have come into contact with people
Who are COVID-19 positive, 
Or lost someone they know to this disease. 
We are at risk every day, 
With only full vaccination 
And adherence to the SOPs keeping us safe. 
It feels good to be seen, recognised and appreciated by TOP. 
The 99.9% virus removing capability of TOP detergent, 
Including COVID-19 virus, Influenza A is extremely important to us now,” 
Explained Amir Rudin Abdul Rahman, Operations Officer, 
Anjung Singgah, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara.
We are proud to be empowering Malaysians 
From the community level to be aware
And to care through TOPs breakthrough innovation. 
Each of us can play an important part by taking necessary steps 
Such as getting vaccinated and getting the booster shot, 
Double masking, sanitising hands, 
And washing our clothes with a detergent 
That is proven to remove the COVID-19 virus. 
In the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, 
We are making it through this difficult time together, Mabuchi said in closing.

TOP has debuted Bebas Melangkah (Freedom), 
An uplifting and upbeat music video to shine a light on front liners, 
Vaccinators and those who are stepping up to be vaccinated 
To stay strong and united in the face of COVID-19. 
The uplifting song was written and composed by Amy Bong, 
With soaring vocals by Amira Othman and Irfan Harris. 
Catch the music video on YouTube (
And share it to show your support for our frontliners.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Huggies Dry Pants - Malaysia's Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants allows fast and active babies to move freely and comfortably with the Dry Xpert Channel Technology

Huggies Malaysia has launched the #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest
From 17 September - 31 October.
The contest aims to highlight to Malaysian parents
That their babies move and explore much more than they think,
Especially with the unparalleled comfort of
Malaysia’s Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants - Huggies Dry Pants.
The #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest will challenge parents
With uploading videos of their babies dancing, climbing, running
And rolling in the most creative ways possible onto their Instagram story. 

photo provided by Huggies

As babies' motor skills start to develop as they grow, 
Parents come to realise that their precious little ones 
Are far more active than they anticipated. 
In a home experiment conducted by Huggies, 
The experiment found that babies can take up to ten thousand steps a day! 
Parents must provide their babies with the support and comfort they need 
For an active exploration phase. 
With the #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest
Powered by the fast absorbing Huggies Dry Pants, 
Malaysian parents can now witness their fast little movers 
Exploring their environment in blissful comfort.

Malaysian parents will be relieved to know that 
Their precious bundles of joy will remain happy, comfortable, and dry 
As they are off exploring with Huggies Dry Pants. 
Huggies Dry Pants absorb wetness instantly 
Because of the Huggies’ Dry Xpert Channel Technology 
That features an X-shaped channel in the diaper’s core. 
It distributes wetness evenly across 4 ways for fast absorption, 
Thus keeping the baby’s skin dry and comfortable 
Throughout the day giving them the freedom and comfort 
To explore even more!

“Huggies Malaysia understands the struggle Malaysian parents go through

To find the most comfortable diaper pants for their fast and active babies.

Which is why the Huggies Dry Pants were created!

Only Huggies Dry Pants can do the job thanks to its fast absorption,

Giving your precious little ones the freedom and comfort

To become true #HuggiesComfortableExplorers!”

Said Martina Jezdikova, Marketing Director Malaysia at Kimberly-Clark.

In line with the #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest,

Huggies Malaysia has collaborated with some of Malaysia's favorite parents:

Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin, Wawa Zainal, Shima Anuar and Laries Tan.

All of whom will kick off the contest with their own adorable little ones

Who are all fully equipped with Malaysia’s Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants. 

On top of that,

Huggies Malaysia will also be hosting two Instagram Live sessions at the end of October.

The sessions will feature experts in the fields of pediatrics

And speech therapy alongside Dr. Shazril and Wawa

Where they will be discussing topics

Such as movement development in babies

And the importance of comfort to babies.

To stand a chance to win Huggies products and some exciting prizes,

Simply upload a video of your baby being a little explorer

By dancing, climbing, running or even rolling onto your Instagram story

And tag

The most creative videos will be selected.

So grab a camera and explore with your precious little bubs

To see them transform into true #HuggiesComfortableExplorers!

For more information on how to participate in the contest

And for the IG Live sessions,

Follow Huggies Malaysia on Instagram and Facebook.

Terms and conditions apply.

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