Monday, June 29, 2015

Vivo X5 Pro

You're about to see...
Something truly impressive,
Presented by Vivo...

Dang Dang Dang Dang!
Vivo X5 Pro...
Wondering what it is?

Vivo X5Pro,
Extreme Hi-Fi & Slim Body..
Touched by beauty!~

Sharing some historical moment,
During Vivo Grand Launch Malaysia 2015..
At Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre...
At 25 June 2015...

 Group photo of VIPs & Celebrities..

Fuying & Sam,
With their brand new Vivo X5 Pro..

Trying out Vivo X5 Pro's Camera feature...
Say Cheese!~
Let's selfie & wefie!~

Vivo X5 Pro
Featuring 2.5 D curved glasses,
13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera,
Snapdragon 615 64-bit Octa-core
1.5GHz Processor and premium Hi-Fi quality Audio..
It was designed,
To bring a whole new level of experience,
For each and every of its user..

Vivo X5 Pro's latest Honeycomb Anodizing design,
With process to enhance the fusion,
Between colours and honeycomb texture on the body..

The colours are long lasting....
With delightful glossy reflection!~
How amazing!~

Added on the durable sapphire lense,
On Vivo X5 Pro..
It provides a protection layer,
Towards camera...
It's high light refracting properties,
Allows the camera,
To absorb more light..
And takes a superb photo!~

With this little new phone,
We truly need not to worry,
About our photo quality!~
It's gonna be a great shoot!~

Vivo X5 Pro,
Is selling at RM1,599.00
Simply affordable,
With so many amazing features!~

Time to grab one for yourself now!~

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kid's Day Out at Quill City Mall - Kid'z Paradise

Stopover in Kid'z Paradise,
Lot 2-33A & 35, Second Floor,
During Kid's Day Out,
At Quill City Mall..

Attracted by the cute pinky bear,
And the merry-go-round from outside..

 And lots and lots of balls....

Kid'z Paradise is a safe and clean indoor play land..
Concept with wide-range of exciting play equipment,
Especially designed for toddlers and children up through the age of twelve..

Rocking up with a huge state-of-the-art playground,
Kid'z paradise is providing learning opportunities,
In a safe, fun-filled and carefree environment..
To maximize children's learning potential,
To grow into happy, healthy adults...

Accompanying parents,
Will enjoy amenities such as plush seating,
Baby rooms and free wi-fi..

Featuring large, beautifully decorated party rooms,
Perfect to celebrate special birthdays with wonderful food and entertainment packages..

The highlight of their sand play...
Instead of sand,
Kid'z Paradise is using cassia seeds,
With lots of health benefits....

Children can play in this well-equipped indoor playground...
To provide a holistic approach to the development of the children..

For more information,
Kindly visit

Monday, June 1, 2015

Card Pow - School Holiday

The website for credit & debit card,
Discounts and promotions!~
With cardpow,
We can know all the promotions..
Even better than everyone else...

Let's check out..
What's offers,
During this school holidays..

Anyone planning to go Legoland Malaysia?
And have a great stay in Legoland Malaysia Resort?
Check out the great deal from Maybank...

Anyone loves crunchy Famous Amos Cookies?
Purchase with your public bank card,
And get 20% extra...

I'm going to spend my time..
In Genting very very soon..
Checking the great deal from now!~

Check out this prehistoric interactive exhibition..
And have as much fun as we had..
In Dinoscovery..
Of course,
With extra special discount...
From Maybank and AmBank!~

If you have RHB card,
Don't forget to claim your free pastry,
At Delifrance,
After the visit to Discoveria!~
School holiday is not only for kids...
Despite her busy schedule of fetching kor kor and jie jie...
It's time for mummy to pamper herself a bit...
Mummy probably would like to claim..
Free treatment from bluunis...

Want to know what's more cool promotion,
Just hop over to cardpow...
And check out more updates from it's facebook...

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