Thursday, September 21, 2023

Malacca-Based Motorbike Dealership Sets Records on Shopee Live

BLH Motor*, a Malacca-based motorbike dealership, successfully concluded its 9.9 Super Shopping Day Shopee Live campaign in Malaysia from 7th September to 9th September. The company achieved a record number of orders for over 50 units of 125cc to 155cc motorbikes, surpassing normal day orders by over 15 times in just eight hours of live streaming. Their first-ever 9.9 Super Shopping Day livestream drove 17 thousand engagements, reaching many digitally savvy Generation Z fans.

The livestream campaign not only built excitement with pre-hype livestreams and exclusive livestream-only RM799 off deals on 7th and 8th of September,  BLH Motor consistently educated buyers about the features of top trending motorbikes such as Yamaha Y15ZR, Yamaha Y16ZR, Yamaha LC135, and Yamaha Ego Avantiz. BLH Motor decided to experiment with livestream during 9.9 this year when they noticed many automotive sellers on it, hoping to utilise the new channel to reach the Malaysian motorbike community to offer full bikes, parts, and accessories.

On 9.9 Super Shopping Day, RM999 livestream-exclusive vouchers off motorbikes priced RM9,999 and above were snapped up by livestream viewers. After asking questions in the chat box, live shoppers put the desired bikes into their shopping cart, remaining assured that they would get after-sales service and care as if they had purchased the bikes in a physical dealership, such as free towing for breakdown incidents and consultations regarding the motorbike. 

The widespread popularity and overwhelmingly positive feedback from Shopee’s gearhead fans highlighted BLH Motor’s successful efforts in appealing to a wider community online and levelling up for sustainable growth. “Never in our time would we even think about doing live streams for motorbikes. This has been such an exciting learning experience, and a major eye-opener. Shopee was there for us every step of the way providing ample support and guidance, which enabled us to expand our market reach and sell more bikes,” according to BLH Motor’s spokesperson. 

”Live streaming is similar to selling something offline, except with bigger reach whilst providing a similar level of engagement and interaction. Buyers can engage sellers through Shopee Live within the comfort of their own homes it is easier and more interesting effectively another way for online customers to connect with us,” added BLH Motor.

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia, said, “We’re so overjoyed whenever a seller who is new to Shopee Live experiments and performs well. More and more Malaysian sellers are discovering that livestream is a great way to create engagement, urgency and drive conversions, even with more expensive items such as motorbikes. Congratulations to BLH Motor for achieving such great results for 9.9!”

The tremendous success of the campaign has motivated BLH Motor to look out for future livestreams and utilise Shopee platform features to continuously live-demo more bikes.  The demand for BLH Motor’s mopeds over 9.9 Super Shopping Day surpassed regular orders in their category by over 15 times, showcasing the power of Shopee Live and how sellers can leverage on this for more growth. 

BLH Motor expresses its sincere gratitude for Shopee’s 9.9 supporters who made their Shopee Live campaign such a fun experience. The company remains dedicated to being the trusted choice of a variety of Yamaha, Honda, SYM, Benelli, Modenas, and WMoto motorbike, service and repair, and spare parts.

*BLH Motor’s Shopee Store:

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Quaker Malaysia Introduces Zahirah Macwilson as its Latest Brand Ambassador

Quaker, the world’s no.1 oats brand[1] is proud to announce its collaboration with Malaysian celebrity, Zahirah Macwilson as its official brand ambassador for Malaysia. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Quaker as it sets out to inspire Malaysians to embark on a transformative journey of building the foundations for their lives and nurturing their physical well-being through the power of oats.

With over 140 years of heritage, Quaker takes pride in its wide array of offerings which is encompassed of 4 key ranges – Quaker Base Oats, Quaker 3in1 Oat Cereal Drink, Quaker Multi-Grain & Quaker Oat Cookies. This makes exploring the world of oats enjoyable and accessible for all, regardless of age and occasion be it breakfast, whole meal, or on-the-go snack. With 7x more fiber than white rice[2], Quaker Oats is not only a heart-healthy alternative but also an excellent addition to any diet, keeping consumers full longer & powering up their day.

Debra Deyvitah, Marketing Manager of PepsiCo Malaysia said, "Quaker Oats are super grains that work hard to nourish and build strong bodies through multidimensional benefits such as nutrient density, lasting energy, heart health, and digestion. We understand that while sometimes the circumstances of everyday life can get in the way of building the strong body and mind that we need to thrive, we believe that it should never be a barrier to good nutrition. That is why we are excited to introduce Zahirah Macwilson as our Brand Ambassador for Malaysia. Her passion for well-being despite her busy schedule embodies the essence of Quaker. Through this partnership, we hope to continue to empower Malaysians to live better lives by embracing the simple goodness of Quaker.”

As an avid fan and long-time consumer of Quaker products, Zahirah incorporates Quaker into her daily meal plans. "I love oats and Quaker has been a part of my life ever since I could remember. Its wide variety of products have been a game-changer for me. Whether I need a quick breakfast fix, something to pair with my meals, a nutrition boost, a sweet treat, or something to give me a sustained burst of energy to keep me going, I can always turn to Quaker. Moreover, the versatility of the products allow me to experiment with different recipes which has been an exciting journey for me. I look forward to sharing this joy and discovering the benefits of oats together with my fellow Malaysians as Quaker’s Brand Ambassador,” said Zahirah Macwilson, Quaker Ambassador 2023.

With a commitment to creating products that boast good taste while preserving its nutritional benefits, Quaker has been known for keeping consumers feeling full for a longer period of time[3], hence helping them curb unnecessary snacking and maintain a balanced diet. Moreover, the consumption of Quaker Oats have been widely recognised for their ability to gradually lower cholesterol[4] levels, making it a heart-healthy choice for individuals of all ages.

Quaker invites Malaysians to join Zahirah Macwilson to incorporate the goodness of oats in their daily meals and explore different ways to enjoy it such as through the Nasi Goreng Quaker, Onde-Onde Quaker Oats Cookies, Nutty Fruity Oatmeal, and more with the recipes found on its website or follow Zahirah on Instagram for updates on her well-being journey with Quaker.

Malaysians can catch Zahirah on Quaker Malaysia’s latest brand advertisement on YouTube. For more information about Quaker, please visit and follow Quaker on Facebook and Instagram for the latest promotions, events and updates. 

[1] Source Euromonitor International Limited; Staple Foods 2024 edition, as per hot cereals definition, retail value sales; rsp, all retail channels, 2023 data.

[2] USDA Food Composition Database per 100g reference amount between Quick Oats 08402 and White Rice 20444.

[3]  Rebello CJ. et al. (2013). J Am Coll Nutr 32(4):272-279;Rebello CJ. et al. (2014). Nutri J 13(49) online doi: 10.1186/1475-2891-13-49; Rebello CJ, et al. (2016). J Am Coll Nutr 35(1): 41-49. 

[4] Amount recommended for cholesterol lowering effect is 3g/day. Beta-Glucan from oats can help reduce cholesterol levels.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Shopee Launches First-of-its-Kind Nationwide Campaign

 Shopee Spotlights Local — Unveiling Malaysian Gems’ calls for Malaysians to shop local e-commerce sellers to preserve Malaysia’s heritage, nurture local talents, and drive our economy in an inclusive and sustainable way.

By making the book, the first of its kind in this country, available to the public from 31 August 2023, Shopee aims to empower all Malaysians to start shopping purposefully with an immediate focus on Made-in-Malaysia products from underserved communities. Upholding its mission of using technology to help the underserved, Shopee empowers sellers by identifying and highlighting local sellers for better access to marketing solutions and hyper-localised campaigns, managing them so they succeed on Shopee, increasing seller education via its free Shopee University courses, and providing incentives so they find more opportunities on Livestream commerce.

The 100-page, full-colour booklet (downloadable in English and Bahasa Malaysia on Shopee Malaysia PR Newsroom website) is the first part of a series of episodic content that gives voice to Malaysian sellers breaking barriers online. It profiles Shopee sellers in each state who are top performing in terms of popularity, biggest storefronts, green products, exporters, livestreamers, and women-owned businesses. In addition, the book includes street-level stories and testimonials of sellers who have used their online success to uplift others in their communities.

Shopee is using the Shopee Spotlights Local campaign and authentic seller stories to promote greater awareness on how buying from small, independent sellers in our neighborhoods preserve local industries, reduce the carbon footprint, increase the level of personalised offerings, and encourage more homegrown entrepreneurs and innovators. Doubling as a handy guide for users to protect themselves, the book offers tips on shopping safely, understanding Shopee Guarantee, identifying responsible sellers, and its 100% Authenticity policy.

The vignettes about sellers pursuing their dreams online and showing us that Malaysians from all walks of life can build communities, include:

  • Zeeda Aziz of Pasar Kedah, who did not let her leg amputation stop her from expanding her ikan bilis business online

  • Edward Wong of HomeDecoStore, who listened to his customers and designed prayer mats customised to local preferences 

  • Hafiz Oon of Mr Bentong, whose popular ginger juices have garnered so much word of mouth that he sources from ten ginger farms in Pahang to meet demands

“Malaysian businesses near you are often the beating heart of our local economy and the backbone of our communities. When you shop locally online, you are supporting Made-in-Malaysia products from underserved communities. We are heartened to see the support that many of our local sellers continue to receive through their online businesses, and remain committed to partnering with and supporting them in their e-commerce journey,” said Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia.

Shopee aims to distribute 15,000 free copies of the booklet to users free in all states as they receive their parcels from SPX by Malaysia Day. The online version of the book is available for download at:

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