Monday, September 30, 2013

Ninetology U9Z1+ vs. Sony Xperia Z Ultra

For the first time ever,
Little Baby Prince will be reviewing........
Not only one,
But two handphones together:-
The latest Ninetology's U9Z1+
Sony Xperia Z Ultra !~

You must be wondering,
What would a baby knows about phones?!~
Let me show you what I know~~~~~~

First comparison:
The Size:
Very obviously shown in the photo,
Ninetology's U9Z1+ is much more smaller,
But Sony Xperia Z Ultra is slightly slimmer...

Which one is better?
It'd depends on what you want from your phone..
If you want to see larger image,
Or perhaps to slap a bad guy with your phone,
Sony Xperia Z Ultra would definitely be a good choice........
If you wish to carry a handy, lighter phone,
You'd probably prefer U9Z1+

Checklist of what's in the unit:
Of course, not to be miss out: smartphone U9Z1+
A black headset,
USB Cable,
USB Adapter head...
2x Pouch...
SKROSS World USB Charger..
+ Nintology Powerbank!~
That's a lot of accessories!~

Sony Xperia Z Ultra's set consists of:
The smartphone - Sony Xperia Z Ultra,
Pure white headset,
4 Additional Ear Piece,
USB Cable,
USB Adapter Head........
That's it!~

Let's see what's inside the cover for U9Z1+....
A place to put in two Sim Cards...
+ Micro SD....
For Sony Xperia Z Ultra,
Just slip in on the side of the slim phone...

Summary of U9Z1+:
CNC Aluminium - Simplicity design...
Full Aluminium Mid-Housing Bezel - Ultimate protection...
1.2Ghz Quad Core Processor - Unsurpassed performance!
16:9 HD Video
High-sensitive Gorilla Glass Touch Panel..
13 MP Main Camera + 5 MP Front Camera

For full details information of U9Z1+,
Kindly visit here.....

Summary of Sony Xperia Z Ultra:
Ultra slim, lightweight (212g) and waterproof!~
Ultra entertainment. Ultra business. An ultra experience!
6.4" Triluminos Display with X-Reality for mobile..
Full HD 1080p
342 Pixels per inch
8 MP camera fast-capturing camera with 16x digital zoom

For full details information of Sony Xperia Z Ultra,
Kindly visit here.......

Love the design and performance of U9Z1+ 
Sony Xperia Z Ultra's speaker is really superb!~
Waterproof function is really cool, too!~
Can I own both the phones, daddy?!~

U9Z1+: RM1299
Sony Xperia Z Ultra: RM2300

Let's pledge.....
On the importance of ethical blogging..
And the purpose of the 'Wall of Pledge'...
& 'Responsible Blogging'.......

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Incredible Journey of Growing Up Together with Friso Gold

Upon arrival,
I took a wonderful incredible 'Friso Gold' Journey...
With Friso Gold staffs~~~~~~

Exploring Royal FrieslandCampina's farm,
Owned by over 20,000 farmers in Holland~~~
Forming the world's second largest dairy cooperative.....
This ownership comes with,
Commitment and quality control,
Of the entire supply chain,
To ensure consistency in quality,
From the direct source of the milk,
To its production and packaging process,
All the way until it is ready to be consumed....
By children and mothers all around the world...

I'd really hope...
To visit this super huge farm in Holland,
Inhaling the freshest air of all........
And exploring the whole production of 'nen nen'~~~~~
That's been and hopefully,
Will continue growing up together with me:-
Friso Gold!~

According to Ms. Anja Henze,
Marketing Director of Dutech Lady Milk Industries Berhad,
"Friso Gold believe that,
The journey of growing up,
Is one of life's most unique experiences...
That's why~~~
Friso Gold encourage both parents and children,
To embrace these experiences,
And share the precious moments,
Of growing up together~~~~~"

Ms Anja, 
Together with celebrity mothers:
Beautiful Ms Sazzy Falak,
And stylish Ms Belinda Chee......
Officially launched Friso Gold New Pak....

Newly improved formula,
Fully imported from Holland....
With 'Grass to Glass' Assurance...
To make sure every drop of milk,
Is safe for children...

An interview session,
With Consultant Paediatrician,
Dr Khoo Phaik Choo,
And celebrity mothers:
Sazzy Falak, Belinda Chee,
Putri Azalea Ramli and Low Ngai Yuen....

Actress & TV host Sazzy Falak,
Shared about her style of parenting,
With her pair of twins: Iman Lily and Tiara Rose....

Actress & TV host Belinda Chee,
Shared her concern for her daughter Danielle....
To be stronger from the inside...
To enjoy her growing up journey....

Low Ngai Yuen,
Who used to be a TV host and film producer,
Is currently directore of Kakiseni..
And mother to her four children aged 1 to 9 years old...
She remarked:
The most rewarding about being a mother is....
She gets to journey through life,
With the companionship,
Of 4 wonderful children...

Designer and creative director of PU3,
Putri Azalea Ramli,
Ensures she spend some time everyday,
To play with her son Alriz...

Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Khoo Phaik Choo,
Shared her expertise,
On strengthening a child's natural body resistance~~~

As an act of support to Friso Gold's movement,
All mothers at the launch event,
Including the celebrity moms,
Donned on the "Be a G.U.T. Mom" badge...
Pledging their commitment and support.....

The journey of growing up together (G.U.T)
Is a once-in-a-lifetime event..
Spend more time with your children,
So that the bond you share remains as strong..
Together with Friso Gold...
"Be a G.U.T. Mom" today..
And create wonderful 'Growing Up Together' memories,
That you'll cherish throughout the years....

I'm really glad and proud,
As my mummy is one of Friso Gold's G.U.T mom~~~
Moms who are interested to pledge your commitment,
And support to "Be a G.U.T. Mom' movement,
Can go to Friso Gold Malaysia Facebook,
To download its profile badge....

For more information about Friso Gold,
Or contact the Friso Careline,
At 1800-88-1647 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 4:30am).
Follow Friso Gold on facebook!~

Monday, September 23, 2013

AEON Big 1st Little Star

Participated in AEON Big's...
Looking for their 1st Little Star!~~~~~~~

Online voting start now!!

Please vote for me,
In AEON Big's website....
By clicking on the pinky love button....
On the bottom of my cutie photo....
And enter your email address....

Thanking you in advance,
For voting me~~~~~~~

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Disney's Planes

Since my kor kor loves Disney Cars very much....
Since my kor kor ambition is to be a pilot.....
We're not going to miss out Disney Planes....

Right after my first movie experience...
Since I didn't really make noise in the cinema....
I have more change to go for movie now!!~~~~

Presenting my second movie:
Disney's Planes......

It's really educative and inspiring,
On how a plane named Dusty...
overcome his fear of height......
And get his proud victory!~

I truly enjoy the movie!~~~~~
Time to fly~~~~~

Picture credits to:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ninetology - The Next Upscale Level

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day, 
Ninetology Malaysia has officially launched 
Its Flagship Touch Point at Plaza Low Yat, 
Malaysia’s Largest IT Lifestyle Mall, 
On 30 August 2013. 

With a concept like no other, 
Ninetology’s Flagship Touch Point 
Offers consumers an experiential touch point 
For today’s lifestyles and culture 
As well as a product showcase. 

At the Flagship Touch Point, 
Not only would the Ninetology products be showcased, 
It’s a place where consumers can learn 
How to use a smartphone
To enhance their lifestyles and interests. 

The flagship Touch Point 
Will serve as a youth and culture training hub 
To spread the urbanite culture 
That is cultivated by Ninetology. 

The Ninetology smartphones 
Are not just communication tools, 
But a device that can advance one’s social visibility, 
Thus opening doors to more opportunities. 

Eight more Flagship Touch Points 
Within the Klang Valley 
Will be opened this year 
With another nine outlets 
Scheduled within Malaysia by next year. 

The Ninetology’s Flagship Touch Point 
Is opened from 10.00am to 10.00pm daily.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to launch the first Flagship Touch Point. Gracing the ceremony were the management team of Ninetology Malaysia comprising of Sean Ng (Chief Executive Officer), Marco Beh (Chief Operations Officer), Shian (Chief Finance Officer), Vijian Chan (Chief Marketing Officer), and Eddy Tay (Head of Channel); Michael Lee (General Manager, Property Management and Operations of Plaza Low Yat), and celebrities such as Z-Chen, Iqwal Hafiz, and Sasi the Don.

Earlier last month, 
Ninetology Malaysia also launched 
Their U9 series at KL Hilton Hotel, Malaysia. 

The “Unite-as-One” power-infused technology 
With the urbanite profile was presented in three models: 
The X1, Z1, and Z1+, 
Which are new and stylish devices 
Engineered to meet the human needs of speed, 
Precision and high levels of engagement. 

For more information on Ninetology U9 smartphones, 

“We are very proud to be 
In strategic partnership with MediaTek Inc, 
The leading fabless semiconductor company 
For wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions.  

MediaTek’s invaluable support in providing us 
With high performance and reliable information communications solutions, 
As well as highly integrated and customized solutions, 
Has significantly shortened our time-to-market, 
Enhanced our product competitiveness, 
And also bring a better overall user experience. 

We are currently second largest in terms of mobile device market share. 
With the introduction of the U9 series, 
We hope to further strengthen Ninetology’s position 
As well as to grab a sizeable share 
In the Premium Smart Phones category,” 
Said Mr. Sean Ng Chee Heng 
(Chief Executive Officer, Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd.).

Mr. Arthur Wang, Senior Director, Head of EMSM, Mediatek Inc. receiving the Certificate of Appreciation from Mr. Sean Ng, CEO of Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

The U9 series smart phones 
With 16GB ROM/1GB RAM of internal memory 
Are ideal for viewing videos, 
Playing games and other content 
With super-fast connectivity, 
Are powered by Android 4.2 
And a MediaTek MT6589 1.2GHz Quad-core processor, 
In which would deliver a richer smart phone experience 
At a competitive price. 

Customers enjoy access to 
More than thousands of applications 
Including social network, productivity and utilities, 
Entertainment, and appstore. 

They have display screens of 4.8” (X1), 5.7” (Z1) and 5.5” (Z1+) respectively. 
They are slim and light 
And would be a stylish 
And durable companion 
For upbeat lifestyles. 

*Please click on the thumbnail below for a larger view on the specifications

At the launch, N
inetology also revealed 
their newly appointed Product Spokesperson, 
Z-Chen, a Malaysian Mandopop singer, 
Also fondly known as the R&B Little Prince.  

“As a singer and urbanite myself, 
I can truly appreciate the U9 series.  
The U9 smart phones truly understand my needs 
As an individualist 
With various interests 
And a strong desire for freedom.  

With the U9 series, 
There are unlimited possibilities 
To enrich my lifestyle 
And illuminate my unique personality, work and music. 

I feel that I am always united-as-one 
With my U9 smart phone in one seamless human-technology integration,” said Chen.

Mr. Leslie Loh, Chief Digital Officer of Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (2nd from right) introducing a gadget review program targeting all Malaysian bloggers – Tech Kaiju Arena. Along side from left is Kevin Chong TraxxFM Radio Presenter, Quah of, and Mark O’Dea from The London Boys.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HBO DreamWorks' Madagascar 3 Roadshow

I met my favourite stars:
Madagascar characters:
Alex the lion...
Plus the Penguins!~
HBO presents...
Dreamworks' Madagascar 3 Roadshow!~

Magicians magical show!~
Having lots of laughter and fun~~~~~
We're sitting right in front,
As Leo Club members have priority!~

We gets our chop,
@ the 4 stations...

First stop:
Alex's Race Across Europe...

2nd stop:
Gloria's Craft Corner....
Enjoying ourselves colouring!~

Melman's Hoopla Land....
Kind of tough game,
For a baby like me...

My favourite station:
Rico's Find the Flippers...
Instead of finding the flippers,
I enjoyed myself very much,
Playing with the balls....

Of course,
I did successfully found the flippers...
And complete my mission~~~~~~

With the 4 chops....
We're able to snap a family photo....
With circus look!~

Monday, September 9, 2013

Making History with Huggies!

I'm so proud,
To be one of the 2106 babies,
Making History with....
The New Improved Huggies Dry Pants!~
@The Malaysia Book of Records!~

My diaper changing area~~~
Comfortably well-prepared,
With everything we need...
For my mummy,
To change..
A brand new Huggies Dry Pants on me!~

Part of the photos taken by,
MySnappy Photo Booth.....
During the record-breaking event,
@1 Utama Shopping Centre....

Stage activities: Baby Crawling....
I didn't join the stage activity, 
As I'm too big for crawling now~~~~~

Fun-filled play area...
We didn't really play very long here,
Because it's really too crowded~~~~~

We bought 3 packs of newly improved Huggies Dry Pants...
And bring back this super duper fun pool!!~~~
Which means,
We gonna have a lot of fun water playing time at home!~
At 3:21:23pm...
Diaper changed: 960!!!

We joined and witness the attempt of..
Huggies Dry Pants...
To get into the Malaysia Book of Records:
"Most Number of Babies In A Diaper Pants Changing Event"
2106 was indeed a great number!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Asia Piano Competition 2013

Asia Piano Competition 2013,
Organized by Graceful Piano,
Sponsored by ABRSM & Trinity~~~

The honorable judges~~~~~~

None of us participated in the contest...
Why were we there?
Music appreciation experience!~

My daddy and mummy simply want us,
To experience some live piano~~~
To cultivate our interest in music!~

There's even a children's pedals~~~~
Extended to the normal piano!~

Nothing could stop kids from learning music!~

The part we loved most:
2 hands~~~~~
Bringing back lots of mummy's sweet memories...
While she's performing 2-hands,
Exactly this song~~~~~
With her very best friend in secondary school....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Little Prodigy

Joined My Little Prodigy Contest,
Organized by Parkson....

Happily announced that,
Me as Charlie Chaplin:-
The 2nd Prize Winner!!!!

Photo shooting done at home.....
Wearing Chaplin's hat hand-made by my daddy,
Wearing tuxedo passing down by my kor kor,
Having my face make up done by my jie jie and mummy,
Playing piano with the SMILE score preparing by my mummy....
Written by, of course, the well-famous Charlie Chaplin...
Acting Charlie Chaplin movie of the new prodigy~~~~~~~~

Special thanks to beautiful talented Ivy jie jie......
For combining all my photos together~~~~~
And comes up with the most perfect photo montage,
Telling a tale of the new prodigy - ME~~~~~

Daddy and mummy comes out with a W-O-W!~
When they first saw the photo montage.....
Mummy straight away develop the photos out in A4 size x2..
One sending over to participate in the contest...
One framing up and nicely hanged in our home sweet home!~

Do hop over to Tell A Tale website,
Or Tell A Tale - Your life is a Storybook facebook page,
To view more of her amazingly done unique storybook!~

We enjoyed the whole process:
From working together,
Preparing the materials,
Dressing up as little prodigy...
To our very own photo shooting session....
Until enjoying the whole outcome!~
We think we already won...
The most wonderful prize:
Perfect family bonding moments!~~~~

2nd prize from Parkson,
Is really a super duper big bonus for us!!!~~~
Thank you very much!!!!!!~~

I was featured on The Star Newspaper,
Dated 4 September 2013~~~~~~

Shopee Guarantees Risk-Free Shopping with 15 Days Free Returns

  Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan, has recently enhanced its user experience with the launch of the ‘...