Friday, September 14, 2012

Maybank's sending U to Legoland!~

15 September 2012.....
Legoland grand opening!!!~~~

What's even more cooler?
Maybank is sending YOU,
And perhaps me , too...
To Legoland......

Let me tell you why,
I'd like Maybank,
To give us tickets to Legoland.......

The reasons are:

We're Maybank loyal customers...
Daddy use Maybank,
Mummy also use Maybank......
Everyone in our entire household is using Maybank....

We love lego so much!~
Kor kor loves to play lego,
Jie jie loves to play lego, too!~
Everyone in our entire family loves Lego,
And would like to see how the land full of Lego looks like!~~~~~~
Legoland is the most happening theme park~~~~~~
We wouldn't want to miss the chance,
To enter the newly built international-standard theme park in Malaysia!~

I feels so excited,
Every time I see Legoland advertisement...
On the TV,
On the newspaper,
On the laptop.......
And I really wish I can enter the theme park for real!~

Waiting for the chance,
For Maybank to send us,
To step into Legoland!~
It'll surely be....
An unforgetful holiday experience for us with Maybank!~

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