Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Personal Branding 247

Personal Branding 247,
Written by Andrew Chow..

A good read up,
I like how to author describing,
Public relations as graffiti art:
The message behind the show is important..

It should be a great wake up call,
For everybody...
Whom always asking:
Where's my reward?
The answer is simply so amazing:
Giving is already a reward!

The most meaningful part is this:
There is one group of people,
You should never serve,
The group is called 'everybody'
Which is so true...
We really can't please EVERYBODY!

During CNY holiday,
Do take a little of your time,
To read up this great book!~

AnsTop iPhone Casing

Falling in love...
The rose gold colour is so beautiful...

Amazing feel,
With only 1mm surface,
With 360 all around protection..
For my iPhone.....
Full body coverage protective,
With dual layer,
Hard grip case,
With tempered glass screen protertor...

It's new unique split,
With iPhone 7 case type designed,
It's so easy to unboxing and install...

The casing is with standalone camera, flash and sensor hole reflect aesthetic idea,
Precise bottom cellular hole design,
Perfect play original sound...

AnsTOP iPhone 7 case,
Seamless interface design,
With matte material,
Precision holes,
And quality tempered glass,

Best part is,
It comes with 1 year warranty...
And a promise of will solve it within 24 hours!
Amazing isn't it?

Grab your casing now,
At AnsTOP Amazon..

Malaysia Longest LED Dragon Dance & Parade

Malaysia Longest LED Dragon Dance,
Official Cert Signing Ceremony..
With Malaysia Book of Records....
At Sungei Wang,
Gardon of Wealth...

 Dragon Eye Dotting...

The longest LED Dragon Dance,
Flag off of parade!~

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

The Love-O-Meter Quiz by 11street

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!~ 

Take this Love-O-Meter Quiz,
Brought to you by 11street,
Find out which lover style you are,
And check out the gift ideas!~

The Love-O-Meter Quiz
Brought to you by 11street

1.    Do you believe in love at first sight?
            Yes – 20 points
            Maybe – 10 points
            No – 5 points
2.    Do you and your partner have your own song?
            Yes – 20 points
            No – 5 points

3.    Which of the following best describes your idea of the ideal date?
            A meal at a fancy restaurant, followed by a movie or walk in the park – 15 points
            Watch a movie at home – 10 points
            We do not go on dates – 5 points

4.    What do you (or would you) do with love letters that have been sent to you?
            Keep them all – 20 points
            Keep only a few – 10 points
            Throw them away – 5 points

5.    Do you enjoy romantic movies/novels?
            Yes – 20 points
            Only some – 10 points
            No – 5 points

6.    Which of the following would you prefer as a gift from your significant other for your birthday?
            Something that she/he made – 20 points
            A special date – 10 points
            Money – 5 points

7.    What is your most ideal proposal scenario (either to propose or be proposed)?
            At a family reunion or special event with lots of friends – 20 points
            On a special date – 10 points
            By e-mail/letter/text message/on the phone – 5 points

8.    Do you remember your first kiss?
            Yes – 20 points
            No – 5 points

9.    You've been away from your partner for a month and really miss him/her a lot. How do you express your feelings to your partner?           
            By sending a small gift – 20 points
            Via a phone call – 10 points
            Via a text message – 5 points

10.  To you, Valentine's Day is:
            Very special – 20 points
            Somewhat special – 10 points
            Not special at all – 5 points

Your results:
0 – 50: The Everyday Lover
51 – 100: The Shy Lover
101 – 150: The Borderline Romantic
151 – 200: The Hopeless Romantic
201 and above: The Love Guru

Got your results? How about checking out our gift ideas below?

The Everyday Lover 

You believe that every day is Valentine’s Day, and prefer to stay rational and think on the practical side of things. You’ll think about how often your partner will use the gift and how long it will last. Sending flowers and going for candlelit dinner are definitely not your thing. Worry not, we have got the perfect gift ideas for you this Valentine’s Day.

Idea 1: A plant in their honour
Plant a flower or a small tree to celebrate your loved one. The great thing about this idea is that the plant will flourish under their care, and represent your growing love. The plant need not take up a huge space in your home – all you need is ample sunlight and dedication. Shop here now to hunt for the best seed, so that when you present it to your partner, they will think of you as the plant grows. Double win!

Idea 2: Create a playlist
Does your partner love music and can’t live without their headphones? Here’s one way to endear yourself to them, by creating a playlist of songs that signify every stage of your relationship. Don’t forget to include your song and see them grin from ear to ear. Good music pairs best with a good set of headphones, so click here to choose your most ideal pair.

The Shy Lover

So, you’re a shy one! You want to be romantic but are too shy to make a move. Maybe it’s your nerves, or maybe you’re just worried about how your other half might react. All you need is a little nudge to make this Valentine’s Day a life-changing one for you.

Idea 1: The emergency gift bag
Shy lovers make the sweetest partner, because they care deeply for their significant other. So, why not show it through action by curating a special emergency gift bag for your other half? In this bag you can include in-case-of-emergency items such as power bank, hand sanitiser, sun block, nail clipper…basically, items you know they don’t carry! Best of all, these items can be conveniently bought online here, at your own convenience. For that extra touch, leave a sweet note for every single one of the item, to let your beloved know you’re thinking of them.

Idea 2: Think pre-owned
Why not modify pre-loved item into something meaningful for you and your partner? This way, you not only get to help save the environment but also repurpose an otherwise good item into something useful for your other half.

Alternatively, you can shop online and look for items that can be easily customised. Upon purchasing the item, add some personal touches to it, and you would be surprised at the outcome. For instance, you can turn a normal necklace into a unique one by engraving it.

The Borderline Romantic

You are not the type who will go all out when it comes to romance, but you do enjoy the occasional gesture of love. To you, romance is best appreciated in moderation. While that may be true, that’s not an excuse to not shower your significant other with love. Here’s how you can make it happen:

Idea 1: Make a memory box
If you do not mind going the extra mile, this idea will show its true worth in years to come. Source for a nice wooden/metal box online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Put in items that remind you of experiences you have shared with your partner. This could be a ticket stub from a movie you watched together, the menu from your favourite restaurant, a leaf from a tree that you had picnic under, a photo of an unforgettable moment the both of you experienced, a pebble from that trip to Fraser’s Hill…you get the idea. Continue adding memories into the box over the years, and if you run out of space, just upgrade to a bigger box!

Idea 2: The book of vouchers
Your partner has all that he/she needs and you are running out of ideas on other ways to surprise your partner. Well, just create a voucher booklet with different tasks/chores you can do for your partner, with or without an expiry date. The voucher can include a foot massage, doing the dishes, picking up the laundry, a movie date, and more. All your partner has to do is show you the voucher they would like to redeem, and you must comply within the next 24 hours. This shows sincerity on your part, and proves that you’re not afraid of commitment.

The Hopeless Romantic

Your score indicates that you fully embrace your romantic side. You feel butterflies in your stomach every time you think about the person you love and you do all you can to ensure your partner feels loved, including going the extra mile to do chores they dislike, or taking the day off when your significant other is not feeling too well.

Idea 1: Handmade surprise
Worried that you are not talented enough to create a gift from scratch? Think again. You could bake a cake, knit a scarf, write a poem…just follow the instructions. With the power of the World Wide Web, there is almost nothing you can’t do. A gift that is made entirely from scratch will be appreciated far more than that box of chocolates bought from the counter at the supermarket.

Idea 2: Customise a gift
Most of us would have gone to an art class sometime in our lives. Why not put that experience to good use? It is easy and cheap these days to have a photo put on a mug, t-shirt, crystal, key chain, cameo, or playing cards. Consider printing your best picture together on any of these items. Adding a personal message will further add a dash of personalisation.

The Love Guru

You are the embodiment of love and romance.  Expressing how you feel towards your significant other is a simple notion for you, and you go to great lengths to ensure that your other half feels loved and appreciated.

Idea 1: Make a personalised card
As romantic as you are, expressing your emotions in a hand-written message to your loved one always hits the spot. Keep your card simple. Choose the best photo of the both of you, place it in a nice border, and use it as the front of a folding card. The important content goes Inside. Write down when the photo was taken and how much that moment means to you. Don't be afraid to show your feelings. It is, after all, the month of love and romance!
Idea 2: Cook a fancy dinner at home
The best place to enjoy great food is from the comfort of your home, and home-cooked food is arguably the greatest food you can get your hands on. Thanks to technology, you can easily prepare amazing meals at home, thanks to the fact that you can buy fresh groceries, poultry and ingredients online, from your smartphone. With a variety of fresh groceries available here, you can get them delivered to you within 48 hours.

Happy shopping in 11street.my
And Happy Valentine's Day!

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