Friday, May 30, 2014

Elyza's Fabric Collections

Elyza's Launches 2014 Newest Fabric Collections,
And Coulisse Fashionable Blind Systems...

Speech by Elyza Yong,
Founder and Chief Operating Officer,
Elyza's Home (M) Sdn Bhd...

Coulisse Fashionable Blind Systems,
Presentation by...
Ruben de Vries,
Mechanical Engineer,
Coulisse (Netherland) B.V.

Channel Rod System,
For Elyza's Curtain..

Window dressing,
Is not only important element,
Of interior decoration,
It also plays an essential role,
In enhancing our personal style and living quality..

Every window of every home,
Is like a unique individual..
It has its own character and personality,
That should be dressed distinctively and stylishly!~

Some examples of,
The latest Elyza's 2014 Fabric Collections,
And Window Dressing Styles:

(Made in Turkey)
A wide-width (300cm) collection of dim-out fabrics, 
A two-toned textured plain 
And a contemporary plain each 
Has an excellent softness 
And most suitable 
For seamless Ripple-fold drapery.

(Made in Spain)
Lively and captivating, 
A confident collection of eye-catching floral 
With burnout prints, 
A coordinating stripe, 
And a rib-textured plain 
In a refreshing colour palette. 
All are made in Spain 
In double-width (280cm) 
Providing a seamless drapery application.

 DUPLEX Vol.1 
(Made in Turkey)
An exciting and versatile collection 
Of wide-width plains and sheers 
In a variety of textures and designs 
Is specially chosen for double-height 
Or duplex drapery applications. 
The supple quality of jacquard plains 
Combined with the light-weight fancy sheers 
Evokes a sense of seamless chic 
And luxury for today’s modern spaces.

This exclusive line of high-end fabrics 
Offers a unique resource 
For discerning interior designers 
And home decorators. 
This lustrous collection 
Comprising classical damask designs 
Combined with coordinating fine satin 
And beautiful laces 
Creates a lasting mood of glamour 
And timeless grace for drapes and light upholsteries. 
It undoubtedly refines ‘New Classics’ 
For people with exquisite tastes of quality living.
An enchanting mix-and-match country collection 
Captures the essence of a cottage garden. 
The collection comprises large and small floral prints 
Coordinated with woven checks, 
Ginghams, ticking stripes, plains and printed voiles 
In a lovely colour palette. 
ELYZA’S® signature Country Collection 
Brings timeless cottage charm 
And nature’s freshness into your home all year round.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Black And White Keys

When my kor kor is practicing...
I'd love to 'interrupt'...
And happily exploring....
The black and white keys!~
On our digital piano...

Can I play any songs?
In some perspective,
I'd rather says...
I can 'compose' new song...
By simply pressing any key I loved!~

Music is fun!

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