Tuesday, July 25, 2017

tvN Movies launches on Astro

From August 1,
All Astro HD customers,
Who subscribe to the Movie Pack,
Will enjoy tvN Movies on demand,
And linear via Astro GO and Astro TV,
With movies subtitled in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese..

The Battle Ship Island Star Tour,
With Hwang Jung-Min,
So Ji-Sub, Song Joong-Ki,
And Director Ryoo Seung-Wan,
With 100 Korean Blacokbuster titles,
Available on demand,
Via Astro Go and Astro TV...

Key titles that will feature on tvN Movie at launch include:
A Werewolf Boy,
Fabricated City,
The World of Us,
My Annoying Brother...

Cha-Ching Challenge - Education App

Prudence Foundation,
The community investment arm of
Prudential Corporation Asia,
Has launched a mobile app,
To help parents to discuss,
A variety of financial literacy subjects,
With children in an entertaining and engaging way.

Cha-Ching Challenge,
Is designed for parents,
And children aged 7-11 years old..
Using 4 fundamental money management concepts:
Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.

For more information,
Visit www.ChaChing.com
or Cha-Ching Facebook Page

#ShopeeHaul Generates Over 423,000 Engagements with Affordable Style Tips

  Shopee's 6.6 GayaLitLit #ShopeeHaul livestream fashion series generated 423,000 likes for empowering women nationwide with confidence....