Sunday, November 26, 2023

Changing Diabetes in Children

Novo Nordisk today announced a partnership with the Malaysian Endocrine and Metabolic Society (MEMS) and Roche to launch the Changing Diabetes® in Children (CDiC) project in Malaysia – a long-term initiative with a dedicated focus on improving the quality of care for children and young adults with type 1 diabetes. Children and young adults who have type 1 diabetes in Malaysia will receive free glucose monitoring supplies (glucometer and glucose test strips) – a significant advance in the management of diabetes in children and young adults. With its launch in Malaysia, CDiC will contribute to improving access to care, in line with this year’s World Diabetes Day theme of “Access to Diabetes Care”.
Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of childhood diabetes in Malaysia, accounting for 73%–77% of all childhood diabetes, and the International Diabetes Federation reported 955 cases of type 1 diabetes in Malaysian children aged 0–19 years in 2021. Nationally, the misdiagnosis rate for children with type 1 diabetes is 38.7%, which highlights the need for improving both awareness and access to care for childhood type 1 diabetes. 
The CDiC project aims to bridge critical gaps in diagnosis, support self-monitoring of blood glucose, and patient knowledge by building on existing efforts to address local barriers to healthcare, support the development of comprehensive diabetes care solutions and integrating with local healthcare systems. Specific components of CDiC in Malaysia include providing educational workshops for patients and their caregivers, training healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and management of the disease, establishing or refurbishing diabetes resource centres, developing a national registry, research on type 1 diabetes management, as well as raising public awareness of type 1 diabetes in Malaysia.
The partnership was launched today by Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Azman bin Yacob, Director of the Medical Development Division from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, and was attended by project partners, healthcare professionals in diabetes care, as well as patients with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers. At the event, attendees heard about the treatment landscape in Malaysia, current management of type 1 diabetes, as well as the patient journey and challenges from Dr. Nurain Mohd Noor, President of MEMS and the chair of the CDiC project in Malaysia; Mr. Anand Shetty, the Corporate Vice President, Business Area South East Asia of Novo Nordisk; and Bryan Koh, Cluster Head of Asia Pacific Mature Markets, Roche Diabetes Care.
Dr. Nurain Mohd Noor, President of MEMS and the Chair of CDiC project Malaysia said, “The misdiagnosis rate of Malaysian children with type 1 diabetes is alarmingly high as children and young adults are often diagnosed with alternative conditions like respiratory or gastrointestinal illnesses. To address this pressing issue and ensure timely and accurate diagnoses and care, initiatives such as ‘Changing Diabetes® in Children’ are important for more timely interventions and improved care. The project will also equip frontliners with knowledge and management skills to help them help their patients with type 1 diabetes”.
Anand Shetty, the Corporate Vice President, Business Area South East Asia of Novo Nordisk stated, “Our purpose is to drive change to defeat chronic diseases such as diabetes by pioneering scientific breakthroughs and improving the lives of patients. With our CDiC partners in Malaysia, we aim to improve the lives of vulnerable type 1 diabetes patients by building a holistic system of care for children and young adults under the age of 25 living with type 1 diabetes.”
Bryan Koh, Cluster Head of Asia Pacific Mature Markets, Roche Diabetes Care, said, “We are committed to enhancing access to essential diabetes care for children and young adults living with type 1 diabetes in Malaysia with our partners, through building a sustainable continuum of care to support them in growing up well and fulfilling their full potential.”


Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Makeover Guys Become MRCB Land’s Collaboration Partner for the Renovation of Sentral Suites

Malaysia’s leading modern home renovator, The Makeover Guys, have officially entered a strategic partnership with master developer of KL Sentral CBD, MRCB Land, that solidifies them as the collaborative partner for MRCB's Sentral Suites. Effective 26 September 2023,  this partnership marks a significant collaboration between two industry leaders, seeking to enhance the property’s appeal by providing options to owners, prospective buyers and tenants a hassle-free fit-out solution.
Strategically located between Brickfields and KL Sentral station, Sentral Suites is a recently completed property development by MRCB Land that offers luxurious serviced apartments, catering to the diverse needs of residents. Centred around the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), the development capitalises on excellent connectivity, with future residents benefiting from the best public transportation network in Malaysia.
Spread across 4.75 acres, the development comprises three residential blocks, offering a variety of floor plans ranging from single-room, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units, as well as dual key units, each thoughtfully designed to maximise comfort and functionality. Catering to diverse recreational needs, with facilities like a jogging track, swimming pool, dance studio, and the incorporation of 15 themed sky gardens, and sky pods. Moreover, Sentral Suites promises a green oasis in the bustling city for those seeking luxurious living combined with unmatched convenience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Being one of the key development players in Malaysia, MRCB Land is committed to delivering value across the entire value stream, creating sustainable returns for shareholders and positively impacting the communities where MRCB Land operates.
The Makeover Guys’s expertise as a turnkey solution provider means that property owners can opt to utilise their one-stop renovation services. With their fully-furnished packages, property owners can effortlessly navigate the complexities of property renovations, with access to services from a tier-1 renovator facilitating hassle-free property management.
Partnering with renowned developers like MRCB Land serves as a testament to our prowess and reliability in the industry, things that go a long way in fostering client confidence and expanding our reach in the property development industry,” shares Gavin Liew, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Makeover Guys. It also highlights our ability to meet the high standards set by industry leaders, which helps strengthen our credibility as a premier modern home renovator.”
Tenants also stand to benefit immensely from this collaboration, enjoying a hassle-free moving experience facilitated by fully-furnished units. This eliminates the stress associated with purchasing and relocating furniture, offering a seamless transition into their new homes. Beyond mere functionality, the designs offered by The Makeover Guys, spanning a diverse range of meticulously tailored themes suited for different tastes and preferences, present tenants with living spaces that are not only attractive but also stylish and incredibly comfortable.
There is less pressure in terms of upfront costs as well — purchasing furniture, appliances and so on — which makes renting a much more accessible option for working professionals. It’s much more wallet-friendly, and there’s less fear of making mistakes, like buying unnecessary pieces of furniture for example; there’s only so many chairs a home needs!” Gavin adds.
Instead, residents are guaranteed a practical and well-furnished living space right from the start, enhancing their overall living experience.
Meanwhile, as the master developer of the Kuala Lumpur Sentral CBD, MRCB Land has long been synonymous with excellence, shaping the urban landscape with innovative and high-quality developments. By aligning with The Makeover Guys, MRCB Land reinforces its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for both residents and visitors.
Our collaboration with The Makeover Guys is our way of ensuring that every aspect of our projects reflect the same level of quality and sophistication as our architectural designs,” shares Kwan Joon Hoe, Group Chief Operating Officer of MRCB Land, adding “Beyond the handover of vacant possession, our commitment to our purchasers remains steadfast through a strategic partnership that continues to nurture their needs, both current and future.

Having built a name for themselves as the modern renovators of today, The Makeover Guys are well-loved in the home improvement space for their usage of designs that work around existing property elements. Having completed over 7,000 makeovers for both ownstay and investment properties, they have set the new standard in renovation, working tirelessly to give homeowners the dream home they deserve. 

SPX Delivers Love: Nationwide, Customers Appreciate Couriers All Month

SPX Express (SPX), Shopee's logistic partner, is celebrating SPX Delivers Love campaign all month in November 2023, by rallying users nationwide to greet and thank couriers at the doors when parcels are delivered, receiving testimonials on social media, and giving prizes internally to employees who outperform during 11.11 peak period. To date, the company has received over 2,000 positive testimonials and pictures from customers personally thanking their couriers in person or by text for committing to delivering their parcels safely and on time. The celebration comes after a year of SPX delivering on its promises to enhance logistics services, enable systems automations, and expand its reach to 130 hubs nationwide.

SPX’s logistics network ensures that local small and independent sellers, brands, and customers have access to reliable, affordable, and efficient delivery services, regardless of location. With in-house technology, enabling automated sorting at its SPX Express Sorting Center at Pulau Indah (Selangor), and sheer commitment of SPX’s growing community of diverse couriers and sorters, sellers have been able to sustain longer term growth with faster average delivery times of ecommerce orders.

"Our couriers are the backbone behind the logistics infrastructure we provide that helps many underserved sellers in the Malaysian digital economy," said Cheah Lee Sun, Head of SPX Malaysia. "We invite everyone to join us in celebrating our everyday heroes — our couriers — who help connect small businesses and shoppers across the country, for their hard work and relentless commitment to build relationships and serve our communities."

Since 2021, SPX has been committed to promoting inclusion in the workplace, launching initiatives that provide flexibility and foster a culture of community building for our sorters, couriers, riders, supervisors and shift leads. SPX has made impressive strides especially in the support of women, with a 40-fold increase in women placed in all kinds of management and operational roles. Today, a record 40% sorters nationwide and 13% couriers are women.

Siti Nurul Shakila, full time courier driver at SPX’ Subang Bestari hub, holds a Goods Driving Licence (GDL) and drives a Luton truck to deliver parcels to the Setia Alam community. “The flexible working hours allows me to balance between caring for my sick sister in Hulu Langat and delivering parcels. Nevertheless, I always make sure I fulfil my daily KPIs by ensuring all parcels are delivered to customers by the end of the day.”

On what life is like behind the scenes during SPX Delivers Love month, Shakila says, “I deliver an average of 200 parcels daily to houses, offices and apartments. This number can increase during peak periods such as Pay Day Sale. Despite the high volume, I am committed to giving excellent customer service by handling parcels with care, remembering each customer’s delivery preferences and specific instructions. I feel this is important as it builds a connection and trust with customers when I deliver parcels.”

Behind every courier who greets the customer at the last mile, there are people like Numy Elwin Mohd Deli, Unloading Supervisor, who ensure parcels are handled right every step of the way: "I maintain a strict approach because I believe in the seriousness of our work. I also emphasise the importance of respect among team members while offering a helping hand to those who may be exhausted, especially during high parcel volume periods. This is essential for fostering a positive working environment and ensuring smooth operations.”

Love for SPX couriers poured in within hours of SPX’ encouragement from urban and rural places alike in Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Melaka, and Klang Valley. “Thank you for always sending items to my house in good condition. May Mr. Encik be given a long life, be blessed with sustenance, be given good health, and be made easy in all matters in this world and the hereafter. 🙂🙂🙂” says a customer from Hulu Langat, Selangor.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Dubai Chocolates by PHINIX STORE Go Viral on Shopee Live

PHINIX STORE is the local homegrown seller responsible 
for making Dubai Chocolates go viral on Shopee Live. 
Deploying a creative and systematic approach to live selling,
founders Husman Setta and Khaled Hassan, 
also known as Abang Ah Ah 
switched from a social commerce site 
to Shopee Live in July 2023 
and saw Malaysian candy lovers place 
more than 1,000 orders per day with them, 
far outstripping their initial targets of 50 orders a day.

They attribute their rapid growth, 
of up to 90% uplift in sales,
to the fact that Shopee Live has the right audience 
familiar with the platform and primed to shop on livestream events, 
compared to other apps in their experience 
where audiences were seeking
entertainment but not shopping.
“At the time, these chocolates were not that well known
on social media or other platforms…
Now I can say that 90% of our daily sales come from Shopee Live,
especially from returning customers. 
We get to build customer relationships 
and have good interactions with our customers. 
Sometimes, our customers have become like friends to us, 
they join the livestream to 'hang out’. 
Even offline, 
sometimes the customers recognize us and say hi to us,
 and we talk as well,”

Husman said.
For PHINIX STORE in particular, 
the freedom to communicate with the audience intimately 
on their new branded content channel, 
to provide live education about how to store
and serve their chocolates, 
and conduct two-way conversations in real time
allowed them to build brand trust quickly.
Taking advantage of Shopee’s integrated solutions for ecommerce sellers, 
PHINIX STORE first attracts new audience traffic by offering Shopee Coins, 
then polls customers on Shopee Live 
to conduct user research on what products will sell out, 
uses their sales reports to figure out the best window to livestream, 
and influences conversion and loyalty 
by rewarding customers with gifts.

Khaled, who hosts all livestream events, 
explains how he drives urgency and spontaneity during
the short windows of purchase: 
“We have a timer countdown for promotion times 
for the users to come in and rush for the products 
on special price during game sessions. 
We also reward loyalty: 
if they buy a certain quantity of products, 
for example, we give them free gifts. 
With every purchase of more than 1kg of chocolate, 
we give them 100g free.”

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia, said, 
“We are so happy that PHINIX STORE 
has found the secret sauce for local sellers to succeed online.  
Shopee Live has been accelerating as a new and effective way 
to create two-way, personalised engagements 
between sellers and buyers to drive on-the-spot sales. 
We intend to empower even more local businesses
to scale online in this way.”

Commenting on plans for the future and aspirations 
for other Malaysian sellers like themselves,
Khaled and Husman agree, 
“Our plan is to expand our business outside of Malaysia via Shopee
International Platform, with our perfume product,
 Hush, and food products. 
We call on all sellers to have an online shop with Shopee 
to expand their market reach. 
Shopee provides the best platform to sell and promote products. 
Shopee also can teach us how to sell products 
for those without any knowledge in live streaming.”
To date, PHINIX STORE has accumulated 74,000 followers on Shopee. 
These followers have bought 85,714 kilograms of Dubai Chocolate,
 and 163,000 pieces of Milo Energy Cubes. 
The store also offers luxury perfumes and sambal, 
catering to local tastes.

#ShopeeHaul Generates Over 423,000 Engagements with Affordable Style Tips

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