Thursday, February 27, 2014

OCBC Cycle Fun Activities

While my kor kor and jie jie,
Are busy winning their cycling medal............
I enjoy myself being a cheerleader,
For my siblings!~
Jia You! Jia You!~

Beside that,
I eating free cotton candy...
And yummy pop corn,
While waiting for my siblings to cycle around...

Guess what!~
Some fun tattoo on my hands!~

Not to forget,
Fun-filled colouring time!!!~~~~

Let's head over to my jie jie's blog,
To see how the cyclists rule!~

Monday, February 24, 2014


I played on the stage,
In the restaurant...

Suddenly jie jie c my face's bleeding...

Oh gosh!~
I had a long long cut on my face..

Immediately sterilize,
And apply antiseptic,
On my cut.....

Wonder if it would leave scar on my handsome face...
Mummy felt heartache every time c the wound on my face.....
And so regret going to restaurant that day...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friso Gold 'Our Today Moments' Contest

My treasure box: A box to keep all my precious things that reminds me, many of our today moments with my kids and flashing back lots of sweet memories........

So, do you still remember My “Today” moments? Well, Here's the list to refresh your mind:
·         Hugs and kisses for my kids everyday!
·         Bedtime story is a must!
·         Sing as many songs as possible to my children.
·         Bring my kids to as many ‘-field trips-’ as possible, for them to learn during the trips and have more wonderful moments together.
·         Get creative and do more recycling art together.
·         Plan for special birthday celebrations every year for my little ones.
·         At least, having one meal together every day.
·         Cook more nutritious food for my kids.
·         Play together with my children.

Do you have your very own 'Today moments', too? Guess what?! Friso Gold is giving you a chance to realise them with Friso Gold "Our Today Moments" Contest.....

The objectives of this contest are to remind Malaysian mother to put aside their daily to-dos and live the moment with their children. Friso Gold would like participants to list down what they want to do with their children TODAY – big or small, and the formulated milk powder for children brand will help the winners to achieve their wish list.

To participate, write down a special lifetime experience (big or small) that you have always wanted to have with your child/children but have not been able to make it happen, and why. Then, attach a proof of purchase (spoon inside product can) of any participating Friso Gold product (Frisomum Gold, Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 in any size) and mail your entry to: Friso Gold “Our Today Moments Contest”, P.O. Box 3202, 47507 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Friso Gold will then fulfil 100 of the most endearing and heart-warming experience. Besides that, 100 early bird participants will also score tickets (two adults and two children) to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort for some unforgettable family fun.

So send in your entries before 28 February 2014!
If you are following my blog, you’ll know that: Me and my kids are nature-lovers, and I’d always wanted to visit together with my kids the Friso Gold Farm, where they rear the cows that produce nutritious milk.

Plus, my little baby prince's birthday is approaching soon in March. I'd really love to plan for a special yet unforgettable and memorable birthday party in a castle, with royal decorations for my little baby prince..... 

Gosh!~ There are so many things in my 'today' list: what I really want to do with my children...

So, do you have anything in mind, that you'd really want to do with your children but have yet to realize it? Well, don't wait! Join Friso Gold's "Our Today Moments" Contest now and let Friso Gold help you to realize your special moment with your child~ 

Act immediately, as early birds can catch Legoland tickets!~

For more information on the contest,

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Baby's Favourite Toy Contest

I'm one of the winner,
Of Mamababyworld's Fisher-Price
My Baby's Favourite Toy Contest...

Looking forward for my prize:
Fisher-Price Rainbow Snail Stacker!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We loved to be on the Ferry,
We always took Ferry instead of the bridge,
Every time we went back Penang...

It's such a long hectic journey,
With the traffic jam..
During CNY....

Being on the Ferry,
Is the exciting part of our journey!~

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